The Perfect Gifts to spoil a Mum-to-be

1 French Parents Don’t Give In – Book Check it out
2 Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Nourishing Belly Butter Check it out
3 Proworks Yoga Ball Check it out
4 Sleepdove Maternity Pillow Check it out
5 Toiletries Gift Set by LÓccitane en Provence Check it out
6 Maternity Pyjama Set Check it out
7 Shiatsu Back Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat Check it out
8 Beurer FB 50 Multi-Functional Luxury Footspa Check it out

Being pregnant is amazing but let’s be honest it’s also exhausting and stressing. So why not treat an expectant mother with pamper gifts that will cheer her up and encourage her?

Mum-to-be gifts are also brilliant presents to bring to a baby shower too. To often all the gifts are for the baby and not often enough for the incubator, aka the soon to be mum. That’s so unfair, she is the one doing all the work!

The point is to show that you care about her. I suggest getting creative with your gift ideas for your pregnant friend. To spark your inspiration, here is my top list of mother-to-be gifts.

Pregnancy gift ideas under £20

French Parents Don’t Give In – Book

This is a great parenting book! I loved the original one, but this is a digest of all the important advice that will make you second-guess your chosen parenting style. The fact that it is witty and somewhat different will make preparing for motherhood much more interesting. And books in general are always great gifts if you’re on a budget.

Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Nourishing Belly Butter

A good quality belly butter is one of the best gifts for new mums. They are likely to go through a few during their pregnancy and their postpartum stage, so they always come in handy. And if your mum-to-be is not yet using one, remind her how important it is to prevent stretch marks or any uncomfortable itching. She will be grateful with time!

Proworks Yoga Ball

Nothing better than a yoga ball to exercise during a pregnancy. This accessory will help you relax and strengthen your core for childbirth. It’s very versatile and there are tons of exercises that the mum-to-be will be able to do up until the last weeks of her pregnancy.

Presents for a future mum under £50

Sleepdove Maternity Pillow

A pregnancy pillow is in my experience one of the best mum-to-be gift ideas. Pregnant women tend to have troubles sleeping. Yeah the big belly doesn’t help especially if you like to sleep on your front like me. This one helps with that a lot. Plus, it comes in handy as a nursing pillow. It will be loved and so will you for making it your mum-to-be gift choice.

If you like the pillow idea to offer to your pregnant friend, we’ve made a special article to help you choose the best pregnancy pillow on the market.

Toiletries Gift Set by LÓccitane en Provence

A mum-to-be toiletries gift set or just a regular good-quality set with beauty products will surely make your friend smile. Especially if the scents are so beautiful they take you to a whole other dimension. You can also mix and match your own favourites and make a creative mum-to-be pamper-me gift set.

Maternity Pyjama Set

Every mum knows that the last few weeks of pregnancy and first few weeks of parenting are spent in pyjamas! That’s why you can’t go wrong if you decide to go for a neutral set. It is, too, one of the top presents for pregnant women. Especially since mums tend to budget early-on and forget how important it is that they feel comfortable in this period. P.S. I’m still wearing mine.

Mum To Be Gifts Above £50

Shiatsu Back Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat

You don’t need to be pregnant to want one, but it certainly help when you’re carrying an extra 3kg. This massager is an effective tool to relieve some discomfort during pregnancy. Who ever you offer this massager to will absolutely love you for it.

Beurer FB 50 Multi-Functional Luxury Footspa

Another one of those great presents for pregnant women are foot massagers or a foot spa! Pregnant feet are tired feet. Just the fact that you can have a salon experience at home is amazing!

I hope you found this article useful if you were looking for inspiration for gifts for pregnant women. I think Mum-to-be presents should be much more common practice, just because they make pregnancy that much easier and even more special for the future mum.

Let me know which one are your favourite. And if your expecting, please share with us what you’d like your friends and family to offer you.

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