The Perfect Gifts to spoil a Mum-to-be

Being pregnant is amazing but let’s be honest it’s also exhausting and stressing. So why not treat an expectant mother with pamper gifts that will cheer her up and encourage her?

Mum-to-be gifts are also brilliant presents to bring to a baby shower too. To often all the gifts are for the baby and not often enough for the incubator, aka the soon to be mum. That’s so unfair, she is the one doing all the work!

The point is to show that you care about her. I suggest getting creative with your gift ideas for your pregnant friend. To spark your inspiration, here is my top list of mother-to-be gifts.

Pregnancy gift ideas under £20

Presents for a future mum under £50

If you like the pillow idea to offer to your pregnant friend, we’ve made a special article to help you choose the best pregnancy pillow on the market.

Mum To Be Gifts Above £50

I hope you found this article useful if you were looking for inspiration for gifts for pregnant women. I think Mum-to-be presents should be much more common practice, just because they make pregnancy that much easier and even more special for the future mum.

Let me know which one are your favourite. And if your expecting, please share with us what you’d like your friends and family to offer you.

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