The Best Tens Machines for Pain Relief in Labour

1 O-Cig Rechargeable TENS and EMS machine Check it out
2 Omron TENS machine with heat function Check it out
3 3 in 1 Elle TENS machine for pain relief in labour Check it out
4 Mums to Be Medfit TENS machine Check it out
5 Medfit wireless TENS pain relief machine Check it out

What is a TENS machine? It’s a clever system which provides non-invasive, controllable pain relief using Transcutaneous (through the skin) Electrical Nerve Stimulation. 

This article will help you to decide which TENS machine is the right type for you. The best TENS machines and their pros and cons are listed below.

Shopping guide to the best TENS machine UK retailers sell

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the best tens machine. Based on personal experiences and tens machine reviews, we hope it will make your decision a little easier. 

O-Cig Rechargeable TENS and EMS machine

This is a recommended by Amazon tens machine that has lots of great features for a bargain price. If you’re looking for a cheap TENS machine this is a fantastic option.

  • Search ‘TENS machine Amazon’ and you’ll find lots of expensive and complicated products, this one is super simple and perfect for women who only expect to use TENS during labour
  • There are sixteen levels of intensity to choose from and the + and – buttons make it a cinch to dial up and down
  • The electrode pads are reusable and designed to fit securely and snugly on all parts of the body
  • Different massage settings mean this machine can be used all over the body
  • It’s rechargeable so you don’t need to rely on batteries
  • Super portable – lightweight, compact and small 

Omron TENS machine with heat function

This could be the best tens machine for back pain, labour pains and joint issues. It utilises soothing heat therapy and TENS tech. 

  • This clever Tens device has six programmes which target different parts of the body – lower back, arm, leg, foot, joint and shoulder
  • A powerful tens pain reliever which also features a Tens massager function with three modes -tap, knead and rub
  • This Tens machine is rechargeable which is much more convenient than trying to source batteries
  • Comes with two free OMRON gel pads which will last for thirty uses

3 in 1 Elle TENS machine for pain relief in labour

Arguably, this is one of the best Tens machines for back pain in labour. A TENS, EMS and pelvic floor stimulator complete with a contraction timer.

  • Elle Tens machine review leavers are delighted with their purchase, you’re buying a trusted product
  • Designed specifically for use in labour
  • Can be used as a pain relief machine for sports injuries, sciatica, sprains and more
  • The best maternity tens machine for post-birth toning of the pelvic floor
  • Useful contraction timer to help you to feel in control of your labour and give the correct information to midwives
  • The modes of operation are pre-set for ease 
  • Optimax functions provide power boost that is super simple to control, perfect for the later stages of labour 

Mums to Be Medfit TENS machine

A great value obstetric Tens machine. Simple to use, effective and has lots of useful features.

  • There’s no need to go through a complicated set up process, this machine is ready to use from purchase
  • The boost button gives a blast of pain-relieving power as soon as you need it 
  • Can be used as a post-natal device for pelvic floor, stomach, bottom and thigh toning 
  • The instructions supplied are comprehensive and easy to follow
  • Comes with a carry case so that it can be tucked easily into your hospital bag 
  • Four electrode pads supplied 

Medfit wireless TENS pain relief machine

A compact and rechargeable wireless tens machine UK manufacturers are happy to recommend to pregnant and labouring women.

  • Re-chargeable – an impressive battery life of eight hours
  • The pre-set modes give powerful pain relief
  • The best wireless tens machine UK websites and shops sell. The lack of leads/wire makes it easy to remain mobile while in the early stages of labour
  • Switch on and go! No fiddly set up required
  • Comes with a set of superior, medical grade electrodes that fit securely in place without causing kin irritation
  • The large butterfly electrode pad is ideal for pains felt in the small of the back 
  • Can be used for lots of sources of pain including sports injuries and sciatica

How do TENS machines work?

TENS technology is where nerves are stimulated through the skin via carefully placed electrodes. The electrical pulses are easy to control and help to block pain messages, trigger endorphin release and improve the circulation of blood in the affected area. 

A TENS machine for back pain will be a source of comfort for ladies who feel their labour pains in their back. Butterfly shaped electrodes or four smaller pads placed in a rectangle (following the user guide!) will give maximum relief. 

The level of TENS pain relief is decided upon by the user as labour pains increase in intensity and frequency. This provides a, much needed, feeling of control for many women who feel anxious and powerless during the birth of their baby. 

When a Mum-to-Be arrives on the labour ward she will have access to an NHS tens machine but buying her own may mean she can happily remain in her own home for longer. 

TENS machines – the features you need to consider

To decide upon the best tens machine for labour have a good look at each TENS machine review. You’ll get some useful tips and know which products to avoid. 

Some machines aren’t suitable for labouring Mums. The TENS machine for labour reviews will stand out from the ones which are specifically for non-obstetric pain relief. 

If you have a pace-maker then consult your midwife and/or GP before using a TENS machine. 

Portable TENS machine

A wireless tens machine is fab for the early stages of labour as you can wander around the house, go for a walk and look your other children without getting tangled up in electrical leads. A wireless tens machine is also a convenient, wearable option if you have plans to use it after labour. 

Rechargeable TENS machine

One of the best TENS unit features is not having to find, shop for and replace batteries. A good quality rechargeable machine will last for eight hours per charge. 

Dual channel TENS machine

Dual channel functionality means that you can have two levels of electrical current at the same time. 

Warmth – a heated TENS machine

Hot water bottles, microwavable wheat bags and warm baths are wonderfully soothing ways to ease pain. A TENS unit for back pain that has warming capability gives a second, comforting layer of pain relief. 

Size – a mini TENS machine

TENS machine pain relief on the go is entirely possible with a compact Mini TENS. They can be worn under clothes, stored easily and transported in your handbag. 

TENS digital pain relief unit

A digital tens pain relief machine will be easy to use and control. A large, clear screen will show the level of current, battery life and give easy access to the Boost button. 

EMS functionality

Electrical Muscle Stimulation can be found as an additional function on some TENS machines. People who buy TENS machine pain relief systems with EMS will use it to contract individual muscles. This strengthens them, reduces inflammation and increases blood flow. 

Should you buy or hire a TENS unit? 

You can find tens machine to buy on the high street, in supermarkets and on the internet. So, why would you buy tens machine for labour?

Alternative tens machine uses include sports injuries and regular back pain. If you or a member of your family would benefit from the powerful relief a TENS machine will provide, finding TENS machines for sale is a no-brainer. 

You can easily find a TENS machine for sale at very reasonable prices. There’s no need to invest anything more than £40 if you’re only thinking to buy TENS machine pain relief for your labour. 

Renting can be a faff and cost as much as buying. Working out the rental length and dates is tricky and in the first chaotic weeks of motherhood returning a used machine can feel onerous. 

Where can I buy a TENS machine on the high street?

Boots – the Boots tens machine reviews are fantastic and at £40 it’s a great price

Asda – the tens machine Asda sell is digital and dual channel so it uncomplicated and will give two levels of pain alleviation

Argos/Sainsbury’s – if you’re searching for a cheap tens machine and are in Sainsbury’s Tens machine shopping is made easier with the availability of Argos concessions. Argos have a large range of digital pain relief. 

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