The Best Triple Buggy You Can Buy In The UK

1 ‘Lots of Babies’ T3 Triple Pushchair Check it out
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3 Joggster Trio Twist 3-seater buggy Check it out
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Sharing the news that you’re expecting twins or triplets with friends and family is usually met by laughter, shocked silence and delight.

The birth of multiples is a wonderful blessing, you will soon be enjoying triple the fun, love and joy! However, there are practical issues to suss out before you can settle down as a contented family and we’re here to help! 

A triple pram will be needed if you’re soon to be the parents of either triplets or an older baby and new-born twins.

We’ve scoured the market and are happy to present a guide to the most practical triple pushchair available in the UK. 

A shopping guide to the best triple pushchair for sale in the UK. 

‘Lots of Babies’ T3 Triple 3-Seater Pushchair for Twins and a Toddler

The T3 is a competitively priced 3-seater pram that is designed to carry twins from birth in lie flat seats and their older sibling in a jockey seat. 

Triple pushchairs can be eye-wateringly expensive but for well under £1000 you get all three seats and the accessories you need including two rain covers. 


The large, air-filled tyres provide a comfy ride and ease of push. All seats are generous in width, but the chassis will still glide through a standard doorway. 


There is no way to attach car seats to the T3 triple buggy so it would suit a family who live close to amenities. 

Peg-Perego Triplets Pram

Triplet prams will never be neat and compact and this one is of its kind, huge! Don’t be put off though, the Triplette is surprisingly easy to manoeuvre and you’re giving your babies a full-size seat each. The carrycots are cosy little sleep pods, and the lie flat pushchair mode seats are beautifully padded.


Peg-Perego have added some clever design features to this nifty triple stroller. The steering wheel on the handle is brilliant at controlling such a long chassis and the suspension gives a soft and bouncy ride. 


Primo Viaggio car seats will work with the frame and the stroller seats are both forward and rearward facing. You’ll be amazed at the size it is when folded up, for a tandem style triplet buggy it’s quite small!

Joggster Trio Twist 3-seater buggy

The Trio Twist is a wonderfully flexible triple buggy from birth to toddler age. It can be used as a triplets pushchair, for twins and their sibling or three children of different ages. 


The Twist is a great pram to use when walking long distances. The children will be warm and protected from all the elements and the luxurious padding is complimented by adjustable back and footrests. 


TFX have created a driving system that the other triple prams for sale in the UK would find hard to beat. The robust wheels have air-filled tyres, and the frame is blessed with some seriously effective suspension. All terrains will be tackled with ease. 

Trippy Triplet Pushchair

The Trippy triplet pram feels reassuringly safe and sturdy but is remarkably easy to steer and push. 

It’s a great price for a chassis, three carrycots and three stroller seats plus a handy backpack. Do look at options for rain covers and cosy toes before you invest as these aren’t included. 


Both styles of seat are snug with robust harnesses and excellent quality fabric. The adaptors are easy to swop and change but feel durable.


It’s also possible to turn this fantastic tripple buggy into a travel system with the simple addition of the co-ordinating adaptor and car seats. 

Practical features to look for in triplet prams 


Side by side seating can make triple pushchairs easier to push but they are tricky to negotiate through standard doorways. 

Having all your children at the same distance from you feels ‘fair’ but it means that the size of seats will likely be too small for older babies and toddlers. 

Tandem (one or two in front) triple buggies tend to offer the occupants a comfier ride as the seats are bigger and have room for more cushioning.

The length of tandem triplet pushchairs can be off-putting, they can look like buses and are tricky to drive. Make sure you test drive your choice before committing. 

Jockey seats for siblings are useful for the parent of tiny twins and a toddler. A stroller style seat will be attached to the chassis above the babies and can be easily removed when they are old enough to walk. 

Ease and size of fold

Triplet pushchairs from birth are unlikely to fit into a car boot, so don’t stress too much about finding the ‘smallest fold’. 

If storage space and transport are an issue, then a lie flat, side by side, triple pushchair from birth is the best option. Invest in cosy toes rather than carrycots and accept that the car seats will have to stay in the car. 

How easy it is to push and steer

Long tandem pushchairs are the most awkward to steer as you are far away from the front wheels. You’ll definitely grow bicep and shoulder muscles when taking your babies for a walk and getting up and down kerbs will take practice. 

Some triplet pushchairs from birth have steering wheels on the handle to make the job easier and ALWAYS choose a tandem that has swivel wheels at the front. 


A strong brake that is easy to put on and take off is the ideal. Hand brakes are excellent as you can push them on and flick them off in an instant. 

Foot brakes can be fiddly but will keep your pushchair in place. They are best used on side by side buggies for triplets as the weight is more evenly distributed. 

Travel system 

Popping the car seats on the frame of your triplets buggy is a very useful feature, especially if you have three sleeping babies snuggled up in the mini bus you are no doubt now driving. A travel system will also feel much less heavy than three carry cots on wheels. 


Three children need a lot of stuff! You’ll crave storage space at home and on the go. It is rare that at triplet prams from birth won’t provide space for at least one changing bag but, from the research we have conducted, tandems have the biggest baskets with the easiest access. 

Comfort and protection 

Carry cots are the traditional way to transport new babies. The high sides and flat base are, in effect, a mini bed. However, they are heavy, cumbersome and difficult to store. 

Seat units that recline and are suitable from birth will make your travelling life as streamlined as it can be with three littles ones. 

Accessories are important, though you may find that paying extra is needed for some items. 

  • Rain protection for each style of seat. 
  • Large sun hoods with heavy duty fabric and ‘peeking’ windows. 
  • Padded five-point harness.
  • Adjustable back rest and leg rest.
  • Cosy toes/ foot muff – a mini sleeping bag

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