The Best Car Seat Travel Bag

1 UMJWYJ Car Seat Carry Bag Check it out
2 i-size Universal Baby Car Seat Travel Bag Check it out
3 JL Childress Ultimate Car Seat Travel Bag Check it out
4 KangoKids Travel Bag for Car Seat Check it out

Which is the best car seat travel bag – a shopping guide 

How to carry a car seat on a plane trip is a big question for anxious parents travelling with a baby for the first time. 

A car seat storage bag that is protective and easy to carry is an awesome tool for happy and calm holidaying with a young family. Here are our top picks and recommendations for the best car seat bags for air travel. 

UMJWYJ car seat carry bag – perfect for plane hold storage

This is a great value version of the popular Kiddicare car seat travel bag. It’s a good colour for standing out and we enjoyed the labelling on the front that may give pause to rough baggage handlers.

It’s made from a tough but lightweight material that folds down into a tiny storage bag. Waterproof, dust resistant and so easy to clean, this is a fab product for the price. 

There are two modes of carrying your car seat with this cover. Use the harness for convenient hands-free journeys or pop it over your shoulder for quicker movements such as from the car to the transfer bus. 


There are no fiddly zips, just place your car seat in the bag and pull the drawstring tight around any size of seat.

i-size Universal baby car seat travel bag

This is a practical option as an i-size Britax car seat travel bag or isofix Maxi Cosi travel bag. Why? Because the waterproof and ultra-padded fabric is reinforced in the areas where the metal prongs of your car seat will sit, this will eliminate the risk of tearing during travel. 

We were very impressed with the size of this bag. It could easily fit a newborn car seat plus a couple of booster seats or extra baby kit that would take up room and weight in your suitcase. 


It was remarkably easy to carry too. The harness is suitable for all shapes and sizes and sat well on the shoulder. 

JL childress ultimate car seat travel bag

This is a fantastic car seat bag for flying ease. The design is well thought out with thick but lightweight padding to protect the car seat and a comfy, ergonomically shaped harness. 

The placing of the lockable zips makes packing and removal super easy and we love the handy ID pocket that allows you to clearly indicate who the car seat belongs to. 

The ‘JL Childress’ padded car seat travel bag is made from robust material which gave us the confidence that it would protect the seat throughout the flight. 


The lining has an anti-microbial coating which means that this product would also be fab as a long-term storage solution in the home. 

KangoKids travel bag for car seat brands of all kinds

This bright orange car seat bag is the perfect colour! You’ll see it as soon as it arrives on the luggage belt and you’ll be able to keep track of your partner as they carry it through a busy airport. 

Made from tough, double layered nylon this seat is much lighter and neater than the padded car seat covers you can buy. 

It’s a good size and a flexible fit so that it would work for a wide range of brands. It can be either a Cybex car seat travel bag or a Graco car seat cover. 


You can choose from a variety of ways to carry your car seat as the straps are adjustable and well padded. Pushing a stroller or shepherding your toddler will be so much easier when the car seat is safely and comfortable stowed on your back. It’s like wearing a booster seat backpack. So easy!

Why is a travel easy car seat bag a good idea?

A car seat backpack is a wonderful way to make travelling with babies and toddlers a little less stressful.

  • Babies will sleep better and be more settled if they are in their car seat during a flight. 
  • Taking your child’s car seat on a trip will be comforting for them and give you the reassurance of using the car seat you trust in a hired car. 
  • Carrying a car seat on your back or over a shoulder will leave your hands free to push a pushchair or chase after an excitable two-year-old. 
  • Car seats are expensive and protecting it with a durable cover while it is travelling through airports and in the hold of the plane is important. No-one wants to arrive at a beautiful beach resort to find that the car seat is damaged and unusable. A Maxi-Cosi car seat travel bag may save you from having to replace a £250 car seat!
  • Insurance claims, especially those against airlines and airports, are an almighty faff! 
  • The bag will hold other useful items that you wouldn’t normally have room for. 
  • Many airlines insist that a car seat travels in an approved case. 

Features to look for in car seat travel covers

  • Lockable zips – for peace of mind and security. 
  • The colour – a bright colour will make it stand out on the luggage belt. 
  • Easy to fold up and stash in an overhead locker if you’re using the seat during the flight. Padded car seat covers can be cumbersome so keep this in mind when choosing. 
  • Wheels – a great option if you would struggle to physically carry the bag and are not on your own with your child. 
  • Adjustable straps – make sure you and your partner will both find carrying it easy and pleasant. 
  • Backpack style – choose a backpack car seat bag for the ability to carry it on your back.
  • A comfortable fit – look for padded straps and cushioning in the places where it will sit on your body. 
  • Airline approved sizes, straps and zips. 

Airline rules and regulations

Airline approved car seat covers and car seats are usually listed on their main website. Here’s a list of the usual guidelines but never assume, if in doubt, check! 

For use during the flight:

  • The car seat must not be larger than the dimensions of the aeroplane seat. 
  • The lap belt must be enough to secure the car seat to the plane seat. 
  • It must have a five-point harness to keep the child safe. 
  • You will need to keep it in place throughout the flight. 

For placement in the hold:

  • The straps should either tuck away or be removable. 
  • Be within the size guidelines for the individual airline. 
  • You’ll need to pay an extra baggage fee. 

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