The Best Teething Dummies

A handy shopping guide to which teething dummy you should buy

1 Tommee Tippee Teething Dummy Check it out
2 Nuby Teething Dummy Check it out
3 Razbaby RaZberry Baby Teething Dummy Check it out
4 CleverMama Cleva Feed Teething Pacifier and Weaning Aid Check it out

Teethers come in many forms, from sets of hard plastic toy keys to liquid filled, squishy rings. These are all great options, but they do require the dexterity and hand-eye co-ordination that small babies don’t yet have. 

A teether dummy can be a short-term solution to a distressing period in your baby’s life and they are an ideal hands-free solution which younger babies can easily benefit from.

Tommee Tippee Teething Dummy

Tommee Tippee is a nursery brand that has been trusted and loved by new parents for many years. This simple but ingenious style of Tommee Tippee teether is fantastic at easing the pain and soreness of your little ones first teeth.


The textured surface of the mouth shaped teether will massage the gums and there are channels built in that can hold teething gel.


BPA free and suitable for babies of three months and over, this pack of two teething soothers are a robust and effective purchase at a fab price.

Nuby Teething Dummy

Teething dummies, such as this one, and teething ointment made from natural ingredients are a fantastic combination to soothe sore gums and ensure the healthy development of the mouth. 


The texture of the teething ‘horse-shoe’ is specifically designed to help with the arrival of new teeth and ease pain. 


Nuby have also included a protective cap which will keep the teether hygienic during storage and travel.

Razbaby RaZberry Baby Teething Dummy

This raspberry shaped dummy teether is a cute and clever design that really helps babies suffering from sore gums. 

The soft, non-toxic silicone bumps of the teat are perfect for chomping down on and the cooling effect of immersion in cold water or short time in the freezer has a natural soothing effect. 


This hands free teether is also great for smaller babies as they can experience the relief without having to grip and negotiate it into their tiny mouths.


Healthy air circulation around delicate skin is ensured with the simple ventilation system in the soother’s base.

CleverMama Cleva Feed Teething Pacifier and Weaning Aid

We loved this multi-tasking teether, pacifier and feeder. The design is so clever! 

Pop cooling foods such as raspberries and melon into the ‘teat’ and your six months plus baby will have their tooth pain eased while learning how to gnaw and chew. 


Made from durable BPA free silicone with small holes in to allow pieces of food to be released without the risk of choking.


The Cleva Feed is stain-resistant, simple to clean and the handle is shaped so it is easy for tiny hands to hold.

When do babies start teething?

The first signs that your tiny tot is teething may appear a few months before the first tooth appears, Most babies will be around 6 months old when their first pearly white arrives. 

Remember, as with all aspects of parenting, every baby is different so don’t worry if your child has their first tooth at three months or 12 months. Just remember to keep your health visitor updated!

Teething symptoms 


Drooling is one of the first and the most consistent sign that teeth are on their way. It’s incredible how much fluid such a small creature can produce, so keep plenty of absorbent bibs at the ready to protect their clothes. 


Excessive drooling will cause rashes around the mouth and chin. Use a muslin cloth to keep little faces dry and prevent redness. You could also smooth a little Vaseline or nipple cream on the skin to create a protective barrier. 


Teeth poking through gums cause lots of discomfort. This pain can be eased by placing pressure on the sore spot. Your baby will feel the urge to bite and chew on hard objects such as their cot rail or feeding spoons. 

Grumpiness and tears

The pain of teething will upset even the calmest baby. It hurts, and they want to tell you, so bouts of crying will increase. They might also appear disinterested in the toys, food and songs they usually adore. 

Be patient with their irritability, imagine how you feel when you have toothache. This difficult phase will soon pass, so try not to worry too much. 

Pulling their ears and rubbing reddened cheeks

Our gums, cheeks and ears have the same nerve pathways so achiness from teething will make their ears and cheeks hurt too. 

Red cheeks are a classic sign of teething and will often precede any other symptoms by a couple of weeks. 

Waking up in the night 

You’ve just got your baby into a routine and sleep is making a welcome addition to your life and BOOM! It’s all gone and 3am treks to the nursery are back. Nightmare!

Throbs of pain are likely to wake a baby and make him cry. It’s a natural response and shouldn’t last for too long. Stick with the routine that was working before and stock up on strong coffee. 

How to soothe teething pain 

Teething dummies for babies aren’t the only methods of relieving pain, here are a few more remedies recommend by UK parents. 

  • Offer baby a cold, damp flannel to chomp on, this is an especially good plan for the tricky back teeth. 
  • Are you finding teeth marks in the cot rail?! Buy a durable BPA free cot rail bumper to protect the wood and provide relief. 
  • Try rubbing a soft, soggy toothbrush on the sore gums. This applies counter-pressure to wherever a tooth is about to break through. 
  • Give your bemused baby a bottle or sippy cup of iced water to drink as it will provide numbing relief. Cold, soft food such a yoghurt or blended fruit will have a similar effect.
  • Pain medication such as ‘From Birth’ Calpol or Nurofen can be used if natural remedies aren’t doing the trick. Check with your health visitor or GP first. 
  • Teething gels are a topical way of numbing gums. Choose trusted brands such as Anbesol or Teetha. 
  • Some families swear by Amber necklaces, a small set of beads made from fossilized tree sap. When they get warm against the skin, these golden-brown nuggets release a tiny amount of oil that contains succinic acid. This natural product is a gentle numbing agent. Make ultra-sure any necklaces are secure and the beads are firmly attached. Never leave your baby alone while they are wearing an amber necklace. 

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