The best scales for weighing your baby

1 Chicco Digital Baby Weight Scale Check it out
2 Prima Kitchenware Electronic Baby Weighing Scale Check it out
3 Mebby Baby and Child Digital Scales Check it out
4 Mommed Multi-Use Digital Scale Check it out

Feeding your baby, be it from the breast or bottle, and watching them grow into a contented and healthy toddler is one of the most satisfying aspects of being a parent or carer. 

Providing food and nourishment for your offspring is a powerful instinct and weighing your baby is the most accurate way to enjoy watching the effects of your maternal or paternal efforts. 

A shopping guide to the best baby weighing scales UK retailers sell

Chicco Digital Baby Weight Scale

These ergonomically designed scales are so accurate that they detect even 10g changes in your baby’s weight. A useful tool if tracking weight is important for a poorly baby’s health.

The large LCD screen records the weight quickly and is super easy to read. We very much loved the function that memorises the last weight recorded.


Babies can wriggle! That’s why the vibration damper feature on these scales is so clever, when your impatient or curious little one moves the weight recorded will still be precise. 

Compact and lightweight, these scales are easy to transport around the home and store.

Prima Kitchenware Electronic Baby Weighing Scale

For the price, these scales are fab! They are accurate, easy to use and, helpfully, they can weigh in stones, kilograms or pounds. 

The large, bright digital screen displays the weight quickly and can be read from an angle. 


The one downside is that they are very sensitive and don’t have the ability to override the effects of movement. However, if you’re not too worried about them being a tiny bit out after weighing a fidgety baby then we highly recommend them.

Mebby Baby and Child Digital Scales

One of our favourite parts of these scales is the removable tray. A fab idea for simple cleaning and also allows the scales to be turned into a traditional ‘stand on’ model. 

You’ll receive a handy soft white mat in the box, this is much more pleasant against baby’s skin than cool, hard plastic. 


The stabilisation software is brilliant at compensating for movement and the memory button allows you to track your baby’s progress. 

These scales weigh in both KG and Ibs, this is ideal for both new-born babies and older children. 

Mommed Multi-Use Digital Scale

If you want to invest in scales that will work for the entire family (even pets!) then these are a fantastic purchase. They weigh from 11lb to 220lb (50kg to 100kg). 

Why are these such a good buy? A height measurement guide inside the tray, a high level of sensitivity and accuracy and a Hold button which locks the weight onto the display even when your baby is moving. 


The LCD screen is large and backlit with a bright light that can be seen in dim light, from an angle and at a distance. 

The Tare function is useful if you need to weigh your baby while they are wearing a nappy or clothing.

Do I need a baby scale?

Baby weighing scales can be expensive, so it’s worth pausing and deciding if they are worth buying. Here are a few reasons why it might be a good idea for your family. 

  • Was your baby early? It’s important to monitor the weight of an early baby. You can keep track of his progress and reassure yourself that all is well. 
  • Does your baby have a medical condition? Track your baby’s weight to make sure they are not losing weight as this can be an early sign that they are feeling unwell. 
  • Are you struggling to breast-feed? It’s understandable that a mother who is struggling to feed will worry about her baby’s weight. 
  • Does your baby have food allergies? Is your sicky baby receiving enough nourishment?
  • Is your baby already considered to be underweight? Watch the numbers go up on your scales and be content that you’re doing all the right things for your little one. 

How much should my baby weigh?

The average weight of a new-born baby UK midwives deliver is 7lb 60z for boys and 7lb 4oz for girls. It’s normal for a baby to lose weight in the days after birth, but most will be slightly over their birth weight at two weeks old. 

The centile charts in your ‘Personal Child Heath Record’ (red book) are the key to tracking the healthy growth of your baby. If your child crosses two of the centile lines it’s worth getting in touch with your healthy visitor. 

Where to weigh baby? 

The question of ‘where can I weigh my baby near me?’ is an important one for new parents, especially if your child was born prematurely or has a medical condition.  

A Baby Clinic at the Doctor’s Surgery 

Baby clinics at the GP used to be a great way to meet new Mums and get your baby weighed. In times of Covid, this is a service that is sadly being restricted so check with your local surgery. 

At GP appointments 

Every time you take your small baby to the GP their weight will be checked as it’s a reliable method of checking that a child is developing correctly. 

With the Health Visitor 

Your health visitor will visit your home in the first few weeks of your child’s life, and they will bring a sophisticated baby weighing scale with them to check that your tiny tot is thriving. 

Six months is another milestone when your baby’s weight will be checked by your health visitor. 

During the pandemic, these visits may be less frequent that usual so check with your midwife as to what support to expect. 

At Home

Buying a good quality and accurate set of baby weighing scales is a useful way of keeping a track of your little one’s progress. 

Purchase your own and there will be no more worries about ‘Where can I weigh my baby’ between health visitor appointments and in these uncertain and socially distant times. 

A Parent and Baby group 

A set of baby scales have been permanent fixture in the corner of most baby groups for many years. If I’m honest, when my two were tiny I didn’t see a single parent use it! However, if you have concerns, it’s a convenient time to pop baby on and assuage your worries. 

Just make sure your wipe the baby scale down with Covid fighting cleaning spray first, just in case!

With a Breast-Feeding counsellor 

Weighing baby is a fantastic way to make sure they are receiving enough nutrition. If you have both struggled with breast-feeding your son or daughter may not be reaching those milestones. Don’t panic! You’ve done exactly the right thing by seeking help and lovely chubby cheeks and thighs will soon appear!

How to weigh a baby

Baby weighing can be tricky! Here’s a few tips to make it less stressful. 

  • Make sure your baby is well rested. 
  • Feed them a little before popping them on the weighing scales so they are full and happy. 
  • Try and weigh your baby without a nappy or clothing – you’ll get the most accurate reading. If this isn’t possible then use the ‘Tare’ button. 
  • Line the scales with a light muslin cloth or thin blanket to make sure it is not cold against their skin. Some scales with come with a towelling mat. 
  • Ask someone else to entertain baby will a toy above their face so they keep still. 
  • Be quick and don’t faff! Your baby will soon get chilly or bored. 

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