The Best Maternity Yoga Pants, Gym Leggings and Sportswear

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Pregnancy is a challenging time for both the body and mind. There are a huge number of changes to cope with. Emotions are high and energy is low, it can be overwhelming. 

If you are a lover of fitness it will be important to you to maintain your routine and exercise is fantastic for pregnant women for lots of reasons. 

But what to wear?! Comfort is key and hopefully this guide to maternity sportswear will help you to find some supportive and soft pieces that you’ll adore wearing. 

A shopping guide to the best maternity activewear 

The best maternity leggings have been found! Read all about and buy the most loved maternity gym wear UK retailers sell. 

Maternity yoga pants

Mija over bump pregnancy yoga pants

Maternity yoga clothes that are so comfy and versatile, a fantastic pair of trousers that will become a firm favourite.

  • Made from stretchy fabric so they are perfect for yoga
  • Super soft breathable cotton material 
  • Great value and high quality
  • They come in lots of useful neutral colours such as black, navy and grey
  • Straight leg style so they can be dressed up and would work well with a smart shirt for work
  • The over bump style is comfortable and will accommodate your growing bump
  • The colours, cut and style make these more versatile than the kind of tight fit maternity legging UK retailers sell. 

Amorbella loose fit maternity yoga trousers

With an over the bump fit and a flowing style, these trousers are a best seller and it’s easy to see why they are so popular. The bamboo fabric makes these yoga pants just as good a quality as the maternity sportswear NEXT sell.

  • Bamboo viscose is soft, cooling and has a silken texture
  • Lots of stretch in the fabric make them ideal for yoga and lounging
  • The bump band accommodates a growing tummy without the need for adjustments 
  • They can be worn as sleep wear but are excellent quality so would suit any kind of activity 
  • Can be purchased in sizes from small to 2XL and in Grey, Navy, Charcoal and Black

Maternity gym wear

Foucome maternity gym leggings

Maternity workout clothes needn’t be plain and boring, these gym leggings are great for working out and come in lots of different colours and patterns. 

  • The over the bump band on these jazzy maternity workout leggings is soft but very supportive
  • Adjusters at the back of the garment ensure a perfect fit
  • Squat proof fabric – completely opaque 
  • Stretchy and breathable cotton 
  • Check the size chart carefully to make sure you purchase the correct size

Over the bump pregnancy shorts

The best summer maternity sportswear UK retailers sell, every pregnant lady needs a pair of these soft and expandable jersey cycling shorts. 

  • Smooth and silky fabric which will feel lovely on your skin
  • Absorbent and breathable microfibre cotton 
  • The bump panel is supportive and easy to wear
  • Features an adjustable waistband that is super practical for a changing body
  • Can be used for all kinds of sports, especially in warmer weather
  • Machine washable
  • Can be used as an anti-chafing layer under summer dresses

Maternity Sportswear 

Purpless over the bump jogging trousers

Buy a few pairs of these and you’ll have a fab wardrobe of cosy maternity running clothes. 

  • We love these, effectively one half of a maternity tracksuit and the ideal joggers for walking and jogging
  • The relaxed fit is a useful alternative to tight maternity sports leggings 
  • The soft fabric has lots of stretch 
  • These maternity tracksuits bottoms come in four colours including a gorgeous purple
  • Sizes 8 to 18
  • The over bump style can be worn throughout pregnancy
  • 100% cotton breathable material so you won’t over-heat while exercising

Why wearing your maternity fitness clothes for actual exercise is important!

So, with our help, you have discovered maternity gym clothes that are a joy to wear. Here’s a little motivation to use them for what they were designed for. 

Faster recovery post-birth 

All women, babies and births are different, so it isn’t guaranteed, but a good level of fitness is helpful in the post-birth phase. 

Lower blood pressure 

High blood pressure can lead to a dangerous condition called Pre-Eclampsia. Exercise is a good way to reduce blood pressure in most people so it’s a useful tool for pregnant women too. 

Has a positive impact on mood 

There is a mass of evidence to show that keeping fit is excellent for mental health. Pregnant women can suffer from anxiety, low mood and irritability. The endorphins produced by exercise will help ease these conditions and help to prevent Post-Natal Depression. 

Better quality sleep 

Many women experience insomnia in pregnancy. Often, it’s due to being uncomfortable sleeping with a bump or experiencing heartburn. 

Studies have shown that ladies who exercise regularly (but not before bed!) drop off quicker and enjoy a deeper sleep. 

Relieve constipation 

Constipation and piles are a delightful part of being an expectant Mum. Regular exercise will help with an irregular bowel. Some women report that a 30-minute walk can produce miraculous effects on days where they ‘struggle’. 

Help with tiredness

It may seem weird but if you’re feeling fatigued, donning your maternity walking trousers and going for a brisk walk will perk you up! Never exercise to the point of exhaustion but doing no exercise at all can make tiredness worse

The amount and type of exercise

The minimum recommended amount of active time to aim for is 150 minutes a week. This can be split however you wish and if you’re new to exercise should be built up to over a few weeks. 

Treating yourself to some gorgeous new maternity exercise clothes is a great way to begin your new routine. Looking good will help your confidence and you’ll soon be power walking round your local area. 

If you already have a fitness regime, chat with your coach or personal trainer about what modifications you might need to make. 

New gym bunnies can happily and safely enjoy the following:

  • Yoga that is led by a trained Yogi
  • Walking
  • Gentle jogging
  • Gym classes under the supervision of a qualified teacher
  • Dancing – wearing colourfully patterned maternity exercise leggings will make you want to dance every time you put them on!
  • Swimming

Know your limits 

You may be wearing the most beautiful and comfy maternity yoga leggings, but you still need to be aware of your body’s limits.

Before you rock up to a fast-paced HIIT class in your brand-new pregnancy gym clothes, it’s important that you discuss your fitness plans with a midwife.

It’s a good idea to avoid taking part in these activities:

  • Contact sports such as boxing 
  • Horse riding
  • Skiing
  • Gymnastics
  • Weightlifting unless experienced and supervised by a coach

In the unlikely event that you experience any of these symptoms stop exercising immediately and consider speaking with your GP.

  • Light-headed
  • Feel contractions
  • Become short of breath
  • Notice vaginal bleeding or fluid leakage

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