Pregnancy Pillow – which one really works?

Pregnancy, birth and the female body are miraculous. It’s true! I KNOW that morning sickness, metallic tasting tea, bone-deep tiredness and a lack of sleep may not feel very magical, I’ve been there, done that, bought the giant pregnancy pillow. But when you think about how CLEVER us Mums are, we grew a baby for heaven’s sake, it’s hard not to feel like a bit of a hero.

A pregnant Mum’s astonishing incubation efforts deserve a gift. A present of epic proportions, one which promises better sleep and comfort before and after birth. I insist that you buy a maternity pillow. They are game changers and my squishy cushion of joy is still in use despite children being long past the toddler stage.

The best pregnancy pillow will perform the following seriously useful tasks:

  • Support your bump during the night and cheeky daytime naps helping better quality, longer sleep occur
  • Provide comfort for sore backs
  • A super comfy pillow option for very new mums sleeping on their tummies after stitches (life saver!)
  • A V-shaped pillow will help you position baby and prevent sore arms during both breast and bottle feeding. I adored this function of my pillow and meant I breastfed both my babies a lot longer than I ordinarily would have
  • Act as a support for baby when they start sitting up unaided
  • General snuggling.

How to choose the best pregnancy pillow

The main use for a pregnancy support pillow is to aid sleep. Most expecting mums are guaranteed to have disturbed sleep at some point and that’s because the growing bump gets in the way, makes multiple body parts ache and can’t be taken off or moved around.

The pregnancy body pillow that is right for you is a question of personal taste. Trying out a friend’s pillow to help you choose is a great idea. If this isn’t possible, then think of these factors.

Do you have back pain?

A long pillow between your legs will position your hips and stop painful torso twisting. Alternatively, using a V-shaped pillow to support your neck and back when sitting or sleeping on your back will alleviate back niggles.

Is sleeping on your side uncomfortable?

Most pregnant women will find themselves in this position and it isn’t for everyone. I sleep on my front and having to give up this lifelong habit once I developed a bump was awful. Place a pillow under your tummy to relieve the ‘dragging’ from your heavy belly.

Want a really versatile multi function pillow?

The alternative to the traditional pillow

The budget multi-function pillow

Additional things to consider when choosing a pillow

Consider the softness of the pillow

A harder pillow will be good for your legs but no so for the small of your back. A nursing baby needs to feel secure and snug not perched on a firm surface or getting too warm in a too soft bundle of feathers.

Removable, replaceable covers

The best maternity pillow for you will be a real workhorse so a quick change of cover or a full wash needs to be an option.

Have you chosen your pillow? The right pillow can be an amazing companion that can make your pregnancy so much more comfortable.

I hope this article helped you make the right choice. Let me know in the comment which one you chose or if you have

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