14 Awesome gift ideas for a Christening

As your friends begin to have children, christenings can become mightily frequent occurrences in your calendar. And let’s be honest, finding the perfect gift can be challenging.

What can you buy as a christening gift? Have you left it too late to get a personalised gift? You may have even spent late nights trawling through Amazon in hopes of finding the perfect present.

But whether you’re a close friend of the family or a passing acquaintance, we’ve got you covered.

Here is our top 14 present ideas for a christening gathered in 5 categories.

Idea 1 – A Money box

When it comes to christening presents, this could well be one of the best.

People often like to give money as a gift, but are put off from doing so because they think it’s a very impersonal choice. The truth is, most people would prefer to be given money to put towards something they truly want, rather than being stuck with an impractical or unwanted gift.

That’s why a money box as a christening gift and putting a little money inside is a great idea. Plus, there’s a whole range of money boxes on the market, to suit all budgets.

Idea 2 – A Keepsake box

This choice is a gift for the parents as well as the child when they reach maturity. It’s a very thoughtful present, because it becomes something they can use to look back at their childhood.

Again there are different options available, to suit a variety of tastes. The box can be plain for general use – i.e the contents can be decided by the parent or older child – or it can be specialised, for example to hold photos, first shoes or baby teeth.

Idea 3 – Jewellery

While you might not immediately think of jewellery as a good christening gift, it definitely is! It has longevity and becomes something that the child can keep as a trinket well into adulthood.

Plus, as long as the baby isn’t particularly fidgety, they could even wear it during their christening ceremony – which is an added bonus!

If you set to offer jewellery, the options are vast. Some of the most common options include bangles, necklaces and pendants.

In any cases, jewellery as a christening gift is a precious gift that the christened child is bound to cherish for years to come.

Idea 4 – First cutlery set

Whether the cutlery is put to use or just for show, we believe this is a great gift. After all, many grown-ups have cutlery that is only for display or “for best”!

This is a present that can either be super practical or have a cute sentimental value as the child gets older.

Not to mention, the best thing about these cutlery sets is that they often come in a stylish presentation box or case. It will give a professional, polished finish to your gift no matter what end of the budget you have chosen.

Idea 5 – Shawl or blanket

Another highly practical gift. The baby could even potentially be wrapped in this item on the day of their christening. Plus, these items often become keepsakes, and as an adult they can marvel at how they were ever so small!

Options range from more traditional and ornate shawls to soft fleece material blankets that the baby can be cuddled up in.

I hope you enjoyed browsing through my selection of christening gifts – and hopefully they gave you some ideas on what to buy!

If you have further great christening present ideas please share them with us in the comments. I’d love to add new original ideas in my list.

You’re one of the Godparents? I’ve made a very special selection of christening gift ideas for goddaughters and godsons.

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