Our 14 Best Ideas for 1st Birthday Gifts

A child’s 1st birthday is a special moment for the entire family to celebrate. Maybe you’re the proud auntie, uncle, or grandparent getting ready to honour that little bundle of joy’s first birthday and you want to find the perfect gift. So, what exactly should you get that one-year-old in your life? Are there certain 1st birthday gifts for boys that maybe won’t be liked by girls?  What will they really want? There are so many questions that make shopping for munchkins very challenging.

Purchasing gifts for a one year old usually stays within the boundaries of these three categories:

  • Things they need
  • Items that are educational and fun
  • Memorable 1st birthday presents

Think about what your favorite one-year-old enjoys doing or items they tend to gravitate towards. Are they really into farm animals, playing in the kitchen while mum cooks, or is there a specific TV character they love? Whether you want to go for the toy, clothing, books, or something else entirely, here are a few perfect first birthday gift for the little in your life that fit into the three main categories.

Gifts the one-year-old may need

One route you can take with your 1-year-old birthday gift is necessities that they will use! You can never go wrong with some cozy jammies or a cute outfit. This one-year-olds needs may differ depending on the time of year of the birthday.

Cute Jumpsuits are guaranteed to be a brilliant gift.

Wellies are cute, practical and easy to clean. They will keep their feet warm and dry.

If your budget allows it an animal towel is a very cute and useful gift

Gifts of Education & Entertainment

When seeking the gift to stimulate physical and mental development, consider gifts that increase large and fine motor skills, vocabulary, or language. These types of presents are some of the most fun for the child. A few examples include:

1. Books

For long car rides, plane travelling, or even wind down time at home, a toddler activity book is the best gift. These books will keep baby focused on a quiet and fun activity while they practice their fine motor and memory skills.

2. Rocking & riding toys

Rocking or riding toys help build core strength and balance and usually come in the form of a rocking horse or a motorcycle. Most 1-year-olds have a blast zooming around on their very own set of wheels, but aren’t ready to pedal a tricycle. Having to roll around the house using their feet helps them builds muscle tone, coordination, and body awareness. These two toys from JoJo Maman Bebe Ltd, are some great options if you are looking for this type of gift:

3. Toys to improve their motor skills

Organizing, matching, and building toys help children develop fine motor skills.  Shape sorters, blocks and stacking toys allow little ones to practice recognizing shapes, matching colors, and manipulating small objects. These two suggestions are a sure hit, as well as the Pepa Pig Shape Sorter from Next.

4. Make believe Gifts

Creative and make believe first birthday gifts allow children to learn how to use their growing imagination.

Make believe, or role playing toys, can enhance imaginative play.

Gifts that provide Lifelong Memories

Personalized gifts are very special, and can be kept for a lifetime. Next offer a large variety of personalized gifts, which can be found here. Having a book made or a pillow stitched with the child’s name on it, or gifting a soothing snuggly stuffed animal are both memorable 1st birthday gifts. Most children will hold on to that stuffed animal for many years to come.

While nighttime rituals vary from family to family, most parents still read their little one books before bedtime. Books are a great gift as children love to listen to stories.  Choose a book with real life pictures, or one they can interact with.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas and you found the gift you were looking for.At the end of the day you want to make sure the first birthday gift will be enjoyed for months, or even years, to come.

I’d love to hear if you have any other great gifts for 1 year old babies. Leave a comment and I’ll make sure to check it out and add the best ideas in the article.

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