The best travel systems for babies & toddlers in 2020

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Proudly taking my two-day old baby out for a walk in her pram is one of my favourite memories. Most women, and men too, have practised for this lovely moment since they were toddlers playing with dolls and toy pushchairs. 

On that momentous first outing, myself and my Mum took my daughter to the local fish and chip restaurant in a travel system that was as big and heavy as a tank. There was nowhere to park it without getting in the way. When I look at the glorious array of baby travel systems available to parents today, I’m very jealous! 

So, what is a travel system? 

It’s a 3-in-1 travel system, baby pram and pushchair with car seat combo! That’s a wordy description but as baby travel system reviews will reveal, it can be a complicated piece of kit. 

There are three elements to consider: 

  • A newborn carrycot (included or bought separately) on wheels or a pushchair that is suitable from birth. 
  • A car seat option (included or bought separately) 
  • A pushchair or buggy element that is suitable for older babies and toddlers. 

The best travel system for babies will very much depend on your lifestyle, car and home. Here’s a list of the features and benefits that I would be searching for if I were expecting. 

The Best Travel Systems

After reading travel system reviews and testing them out these are our choices for best travel system strollers in the UK.

The lightest travel system

Maxi Cosi Zelia-3 in-1 Travel System

This is the best lightweight travel system in the UK because it weighs in at an incredible 9.6kg but is still as sturdy and robust as other travel system prams.

  • Great value.
  • The top travel system for lightness.
  • Compact baby travel system.
  • Easy one-handed fold.
  • Rear suspension for a comfy ride.
  • ISOFIX travel system.
  • Seat converts into a bassinet and can be both parent and forward facing.

The best travel system for versatility

Bugaboo Fox

Bugaboo has always been trusted to produce the best travel systems for babies. The versatility of the Fox is excellent and while expensive in comparison to another similar travel system pram, it is one of the few examples of an all-in-one pram that parents will happily use from birth to 3 years.

  • High seat position away from car exhausts.
  • Ultra-compact when folded and stands alone.
  • Lightweight and slim frame, one of the best 3-in-1 prams for this.
  • Suspension throughout.
  • Unique and very safe braking system.
  • Huge basket underneath.
  • Seat easily converted between parent and forward facing.
  • Light carrycot.

Another versatile option for smaller budgets would be the iSafe Marvel travel system at £300. 

Best baby travel system for twins

iCandy Peach

This is one of the best baby travel systems for parents who have a baby and are planning for another one or are expecting twins. It’s also a fantastic choice as a single all-terrain pushchair.

  • Smooth ride for baby.
  • Easy to push.
  • Adaptors can be used to raise your little ones away from exhaust fumes and closer to you.
  • A practical size.
  • A converter kit can be used to turn it into one of the smallest and lightest double pushchairs in the UK.
  • Lots of storage space even when used as a double.
  • Super easy, one-handed, seat and carrycot removable.

Best baby travel system for all terrains

Mamas and Papas Ocarro

This is the best pram travel system for use on all types of terrain. The wheels, tyres and suspension offer comfort and stability superior to any other pram travel system available in the UK. The best 3-in-1 travel system for if you live in the countryside or love the great outdoors.

  • Fantastic quality for the price.
  • Luxurious fabrics padding the seat, pillow and harness.
  • Feels sturdy with extra bouncy suspension so it is great for long walks in the country.
  • Loads of storage space for all the kit you need when you don’t have access to a car.
  • Reflective wheels.
  • Puncture resist tyres (flat tyres are a BIG problem for parents who choose tyres over plastic wheels.)
  • Compact to fold despite being heavier than other examples of a baby pram with the car seat attached.
  • Fantastic large and extendable sunshade. One of the best baby travel system features that we found.

Choices to make when shopping for travel systems

Car seat compatibility

A pram and car seat combo would be a fantastic choice if you regularly travel by car. Imagine the joy of easily placing a car seat with an undisturbed sleeping baby snuggled up inside onto a set of wheels and wandering happily into town for shopping or lunch. 

Forward or parent facing?

The best pushchair travel systems come with a seat that can be converted into both forward facing and parent facing. Some only come with one option and the suitability of that depends on the individual parent and baby. 

Carry cot or not

A newborn travel system usually comes with a carry cot available to purchase extra or as part of the package. The Kinderkraft Moov travel system is a which is available in the UK is a great example of a 3-in-1 that comes with all you would need. 

Positives: the best travel system option for baby in the first weeks as it will be suitable from birth, some carry cots can be used as a day bed, cosy, great for winter, a traditional look.

Negatives: usually obsolete after four months, heavy, difficult to store in both house and car. A pushchair travel system with a seat that is suitable from birth is an alternative option. 


In each of these scenarios, you will be eternally grateful for a lightweight travel system. 

  • Going up kerbs
  • Carrying it up stairs 
  • Lifting it into the car 
  • Turning with one hand while holding toddler reins 
  • Struggling after a C-section.


If you live in a mansion and have a car with a massive boot then lucky you! Storage of your pram with car seat and carrycot won’t be an issue. 

For the rest of us, a compact travel system or a small travel system might make life a lot easier. Travel system pushchairs will eventually become the only piece of the bundle you use. Having that fold-down small pram will be useful on trains, buses, planes and in a car full of holiday suitcases. 


Baby travel systems reviews in the UK are full of parents who have been left frustrated and enraged by a pushchair that won’t fold up easily. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY and take your partner. When I worked in a well-known retailer what was an easy fold for one person was impossible for another, so don’t rely solely on the reviews of others. The best of what is the best travel system to fold is very subjective. 


The best newborn travel system will allow your tiny bundle to lie flat and cosy. It should ideally eventually convert into a great all-in-one pushchair for a boisterous toddler who wants to see the world. When deciding which baby travel system to buy, think about all the stages it will be used at. 


Car seat 

Comfort and compatibility with a base and/or your car are the main decisions to make. Ask an expert to check the car seat in your car, with and without a base and ask them for a comprehensive demonstration of how to fit the equipment yourself. In the UK John Lewis, Mothercare and Halfords all offer this service. 

Car seat bases 

Do you think you may want a car seat base? These are the types available;

  • i-Size
  • ClickFit 
  • Belted 

Research this piece of equipment thoroughly and check your car’s suitability for each type. 

Choose a travel system that works with Isofix base compatible car seats if that’s what you have decided on. Make sure your pram car seat combo and base work efficiently together. 


Look for a sturdy, padded five-point harness on your all-in-one travel system’s pushchair and car seat. It should be easy to fasten without trapping your fingers or any part of your baby. 

A good brake system 

Make sure the brake is robust and easy to take off and on. Some travel systems come with a wrist strap on the handle too. If you have an unpredictable toddler (is there any other type?), a dog that pulls or if you live in a hilly location, the brake is an important feature. 

Hope this article helped you find the perfect travel system for your little one. Talking about travelling, you might be interested in reading more about travel gear:

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