The best baby carriers, wraps and slings

best baby carrier
1 BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One Air Check it out
2 Chicco Easy Fit waist bag Check it out
3 Moby Wrap Classic Check it out
4 Boba Baby Wrap Carrier Check it out
5 Ailuros Petal Baby Carrier Check it out
6 Ergobaby Aura Baby Carrier Check it out
7 Mamaway Baby Ring Sling Check it out

In the first few months of parenting your baby needs your constant attention. As a parent, you will feel safest when your baby is near you, or even better, on you. However as dedicated as you are you can not carry your baby in your arms all day long, you’d end up with cramps.

That’s where baby slings and baby wraps come in handy, as you can simply carry your baby on you wherever you decide to go and still have your hands free.

You need something easy to put on, secure and comfortable so you can wear it all day long.

Our top picks to carry your baby

The best baby carriers

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One Air

The One is suitable for both tiny and older babies as it can be used in a forward-facing position.

  • Easy to put on once the straps have been set to your height and shape.
  • Simple to place and secure your baby.
  • Super quick adjustment to the layers of clothes you are wearing.
  • Quick release buckles to get baby out easily.
  • Comfortable to wear, efficient weight distribution.
  • Super supportive and comfortable for baby.
  • Keeps baby’s hips in a natural position.
  • Mesh, breathable fabric
  • A wide range of colours.
BabyBjörn Information

BabyBjörn has been doing carrier since 1961. Having worked for ten years in a well-known nursery retailer I have helped parents try on MANY baby carriers and the Baby Bjorn range was always the easiest to put on and adjust.

Chicco Easy Fit waist bag

This is a fantastic budget buy which Chicco claims to be as comfortable as wearing a T-shirt. The price is brilliant! £19.99 for a comfy carrier that will safely support your baby up to 9kg.

  • Added neck and head support for new born babies.
  • Adjustable for older babies up to 9kg.
  • Soft fabric which feels great for both baby and the person carrying.
  • An ergonomic seat which promotes a natural hip position for baby.
  • Can be used in both parent and forward facing.
  • Easy to put on an adjust to the size, height and shape of both baby and whoever is carrying them.
  • Affordable price

The best baby wraps

Moby Wrap Classic

It’s one of the most popular baby wearing wraps at the moment. It’s a kind of a child sling that you just wrap your baby with and don’t worry about anything.

  • 100% cotton
  • For babies up to 13kg
  • Different wearing positions


  • Only one colour

Boba Baby Wrap Carrier

Another great wrap that you’ll be able to use from the newborn phase all till your baby becomes a toddler.

  • 95% pure cotton and 5% spandex
  • Solid – up to 16kg
  • Several colours available
  • Too warm for hot days

Ailuros Petal Baby Carrier

Having fashionable baby wraps and slings is very much a thing right now, so if you are looking for a present for someone close, or you just want to indulge in a beautiful piece, this wrap is the one for you.

  • Handmade
  • 100% cotton
  • Original design
  • Expensive

Now I know that this baby sling is perhaps a bit extravagant due to its high price, but hear me out. I love going to Etsy to seek unique pieces that I know I will use, cherish and enjoy each time I look at them.

Ergobaby Aura Baby Carrier

This is a really lightweight baby carrier and as such, it is very comfortable for both the mum and the baby.

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • 100% Viscose
Extra Information

I love the Indigo colour of this baby sling, it really does make it look luxurious. And as fancy as it may be, it is one of the best choices for beginners, great newborn sling/wrap, and a safe buy if you are new to this subject and worried on which baby carrier is best. And as all things John Lewis, this one would be a perfect choice for a gift for someone close to you.

The best baby slings

Mamaway Baby Ring Sling

A cute wraparound baby sling designed for babies from the newborn phase until they no longer want to be carried around. It may look a bit different but it’s still as comfortable and as useful as all other baby carriers and slings once you get used to it.

  • More unique
  • Made out of super strong nylon
  • Can hold up to 45kg
  • Less comfortable on the shoulders

Why would you need or want a baby carrier? 

Simply because it’s lovely to feel close to your baby while having your hands free to go about your daily tasks. However, there are other great reasons for investing in a baby carrier.

  • You can parent your other children much easier while carrying the tiniest member of the family along with you. 
  • If you have a fractious new born who simply won’t be put down, then a sling will help you get on with household tasks. 
  • Studies have shown that a baby who is carried for at least two hours in a day will cry 43% less throughout the rest of that day. 
  • Trips on public transport are so much easier without a pram the size of a tank to deal with. A baby carrier is the perfect option for a bulk-free trip to the shops. 
  • Carrying an older baby in a front-facing baby carrier is a fun way to go for a walk. They can see what’s going on from up high with mummy or daddy pointing out tractors, dogs, big trees and other exciting, new things.

What to consider when shopping for a baby carrier 

The best baby carrier is a comfortable one. There’s nothing worse than finding the expensive, stylish papoose you just bought makes your back ache or chafes your arms. 

  • Before you buy, TRY! I would recommend having an initial recce and then once baby has arrived take them with you to ensure the best fit and level of comfort for both you and your cherub. 
  • Decide whether to buy one carrier for each stage of your baby’s development or one that will adjust to your child’s growth.

A wrap is a great idea for a small baby but not for a curious 10-month-old. Your choice will depend on your budget as a separate carrier for each age may be more practical and comfortable but might be expensive. 

  • When guidelines are followed, baby carriers, slings and wraps can be used without worry. However, do keep safety in mind. Read the instructions for the product, visit The Lullaby Trust website and have a look through these guidelines;
  • Practise putting your carrier on. Getting the technique right can take a few goes. Cracking the puzzle of how to strap it to you is one thing, doing it with a baby in it or putting a baby in after can be nerve-wracking and stressful.

Carrier, wrap or sling – what’s the difference?

A Baby Carrier

  • Designed to securely strap to your front. 
  • They are usually made from structured material with a soft inner and weatherproof outer liner. 
  • Baby carriers will either be in one piece with carrier and straps attached (Chicco) or in two separate sections. (Baby Bjorn) 
  • They will keep baby in an upright position with their head supported when needed and little legs either curled up underneath or dangling. 
  • Can be used with baby facing towards you in the first months and then changed to be forward facing as they get older. 
  • The straps are designed to be adjusted to fit men, women, indoor and outdoor clothing and for people of all shapes, sizes and heights. But you need to try them on before purchase. 
  • A baby carrier can be bulky and heavy to wear, pack and store. 

A Wrap

  • They are usually made of a soft breathable fabric that will regulate your baby’s temperature. 
  • They are designed to be wrapped around your body and then your baby. 
  • Baby is carried facing you with their legs tucked up or dangling. Head support can be adjusted easily by wrapping in a different way. 
  • Adjustable, within reason, they can be wrapped to suit an individual’s shape and size. 
  • Can be used from birth into the older baby stage. 
  • Wraps are large, foldable pieces of fabric so are portable and lightweight to wear, pack and store. 

A Sling

  • Made of soft, breathable fabric which will keep your baby both cool and warm where needed. 
  • Worn over one shoulder so can be uncomfortable over a long period of time. 
  • Usually used with baby in a cradled, reclined position like a hammock. 
  • Mainly used for young babies but some can be adjusted to become a ‘hip seat’ for older babies and even toddlers. 
  • Can be used as a discreet ‘cover-up’ when breastfeeding. 
  • Slings sometimes have a structure to them (high sides so baby can’t roll out) so they aren’t quite as lightweight and portable as wraps.

Hope this article helped you find the perfect baby carrier for your little one. Talking about carrying your baby, you might be interested in reading more about travel gear:

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