Monthly must reads for parents – September Edition

September arrives and suddenly…Boom! It’s winter!

Christmas bits and pieces are appearing in the shops, the morning school run feels decidedly chilly and evenings are darker. Summer feels a very long time ago.

Now, this might be an unpopular opinion, but I love this time of year and my blog round up celebrates all the joy that autumn can bring. 

Autumn Winter trends 2019 on Motherhood the Real Deal
Boots. Warm tights. Long sleeved dresses. A beautifully fitted coat. Snuggly scarves. Warm colours. Beautiful patterns. Winter fashion is sooooo much more fun than summer and much less stressful too! Forgotten to shave your legs?! Don’t worry about it…

The lovely Tayla from ‘Motherhood. The Real Deal’ has created a guide to how to stay stylish this autumn. Happily, there’s both newness to be shopped for and old favourites to drag triumphantly from the back of the wardrobe. 

Oreo cookie butter bars recipe on the Little Blog of Vegan
September sees my family indulging in comfort food and the return of weekly baking. Our pear tree bears fruit at this time of year and homemade sweet and sticky pear and cinnamon crumbles fill the freezer. 

The Little Blog of Vegan has always been a rich source of delicious recipes. I’m not vegan but I do appreciate a delicious recipe. These Oreo Cookie Butter Bars are a perfect after school snack for hungry little ones or a decadent dessert to serve at a dinner party. Enjoy! 

Doctors’ Orders: kids and overscheduling from
Winter is about snuggling down and appreciating the comforts of home. Gorgeously scented candles, rooms lit by fairy lights and bodies warmed by soft blankets. 

This slowing down and time of ease and peace before the craziness of Christmas should be appreciated by children too. It’s great to have a tribe who are enthusiastic about hobbies and sports but relaxation and chill out time is just important. 

This blog is a timely guide to making sure your kids have balance in their lives.

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