Monthly must reads for parents – November Edition

Parenting is a joy and a privilege. It’s also frustrating, heart-breaking and tiring. This month’s focus is on understanding that having children is incredibly hard work, no parent is perfect and sometimes life can be tough.

What Part of No Doesn’t Your Kid Understand on Aha!

Read this. Now! The empathy, wisdom and practical advice in this article from ‘Aha!’ is simply wonderful. The writer looks at ‘naughty’ behaviour from the child’s perspective while encouraging boundaries and introducing clever ways to diffuse a tantrum. 

The Hardest Words at the Hardest of Times on

This guest post on ‘’ during this month’s ‘Children’s Grief Awareness Week’ is beautifully written and achingly sad. A gorgeous tribute to a beloved Grandad and the toddler who adored him. 

How do you tell a two-year-old that he won’t see his smiling, loving, patient Grandad again? Hopefully you won’t need it, but this is a wonderful example of how to do it with kindness and love. 

What Kind Of Parental Involvement In Education Works Best? on

Early years education is a source of worry for many parents. Sending your four-year-old of to school for the first time is difficult. The health, safety and education of your child has been entrusted to a teacher and their assistant. 

This study from ‘’ into how a parent can aid their child’s development and education is fascinating. Written by an academic this blog is in-depth and wordy but will provide you with the confidence to support your child’s learning. 

Building Resilience in Children on

Each stage of parenting has its challenges. In the early days you think that sleepless nights will be the hardest thing to deal with. During the terrible twos you decide that nothing will ever be as difficult as a tantrum in the supermarket. 

Helping your child cope with upsetting things outside of your control will trump both the newborn cries and angry wails. 

This blog from Christian charity is a useful and practical guide to helping your child build resilience against the harder parts of life.

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