Monthly must reads for parents – October Edition

Colder weather is an easy excuse to stop getting out and about in the outdoors. Resist the urge to let your kids hibernate until spring, even if the threat of rain and wind occurs there’s still so much to do and see. 

Fresh air and exercise are vital for healthy happy kids. Most of them would be quite happy to be plonked down in front of their screens all weekend and it’s our job to encourage them away from the blue light for at least a few hours. 

5 Ways to Keep Kids Away From Their Screens on Not a perfect parent

‘Not a perfect parent’ is a relatable parenting blog which provides comfort in the knowledge that we all struggle sometimes. Their thoughts on how to tempt your little ones away from the TV and their phones is super helpful. A craft day using leaves and feathers collected on a walk is an especially lovely idea. 

This fab guide on Get Out with the Kids’

Dark nights, Halloween and wild weather are the perfect excuse to have a day out in a spooky castle. Take your imagination, a sense of adventure and enjoy exploring some of the most magnificent buildings in the world. 

This article has lots of inspiration for stunning castles to romp around. Children who love stories, history or Harry Potter will have a fantastic day out, just pick the one nearest to you. 

Ways to enjoy your garden in winter on Gardener’s World Magazine

The garden is your family’s private outdoor sanctuary and the most convenient place to involve your children in nature and encourage a love of the outdoors. 

Winter is not a busy time in the garden but there is still plenty for little ones to help with. This article from ‘Gardener’s World Magazine’ isn’t aimed at children but it offers lots of ideas and tips on how to enjoy your outside space. 

The section on how to encourage wildlife into your garden is perfect for animal loving children. Choosing and planting colourful flowers and shrubs into winter post would be a gorgeous way to spend a Sunday afternoon. 

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