The ultimate guide to pregnancy travel insurance

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As exciting as a trip away can be, we all know that the planning is incredibly stressful.

From working out how you are travelling, all the necessities you need to pack, where you are going to stay… the list feels like it is never-ending!

Here is a guide to the best travel insurance companies that covers pregnancy.

Best travel insurance for pregnancy

Here is a list of some of the top-rated travel insurance companies that cover pregnancy.

Insurence And Go

4.8 out of 5-star rating award-winning travel insurance company


What does Insure and go cover?

  • Hospital and emergency medical cover for complications resulting from pregnancy
  • Premature childbirth up until 32 weeks (and up until 24 weeks if you are having more than one baby
  • Cancelling and cutting short your holiday
  • Personal accident
  • Delayed departure or abandoning your trip
  • Personal liability
  • Legal expenses
  • Accommodation cover
  • Scheduled airline failure
  • Child assist cover
  • Medical and other expenses
What to be aware of with Insure and go?
  • They will ask for receipts and proof of sale if anything is lost or stolen

AllClear Travel

4.8 out of 5-star rating


What does All Clear cover?

  • Emergency medical expenses or cancellations up until 32 weeks of pregnancy with one baby or 24 weeks with more than one baby
  • Personal property lost or stolen
  • Missed departure or travel delay
  • Medical expenses covered up to £15,000,000
  • Cancellation and Curtailment covered up to £5,000
  • Personal Belongings covered up to £3,000  
  • Any destination
What to be aware of with All Clear?
  • Some customers have stated that communication can sometimes be a struggle with this company
  • Reports of paper documents not being sent through the post
  • Customers have been offered 20% discount that never got applied when taking out a policy with All Clear

Holidaysafe Travel Insurance

 9.1 out of 10-star rating award-winning


What does Holidaysafe cover?

  • Covers pregnancy medical expenses up to 28 weeks
  • Emergency medical cover for complications resulting from pregnancy, for example, emergency caesarean, premature birth, DVT and miscarriage. 
  •  Covers worldwide
  • Cover includes cancellation, medical emergencies, personal belongings, repatriation, cash, travel documents and much more 
  • Children under 18 are covered for free under the family policy 
  • An excess waiver, if you would prefer a £0 excess in the event of a claim 
  • Multiple levels of cover and extensions, so you can tailor your policy to suit your needs 
What to be aware of with Holidaysafe?
  • Any conditions associated with your pregnancy, for example, high blood pressure; need to be declared to the insurer to ensure that you are properly covered 
  • If you have a normal birth whilst away any time after 28 weeks this is not an emergency, and will not be covered as it could be reasonably anticipated 
  • Customers have stated when they have had to make a claim it has taken a long time to be processed

Good To Go Insurance


What does goodtogoinsurance cover?

  • Medical expenses cover for a single normal pregnancy and normal childbirth up to week 28, for a multiple pregnancy up to week 24
  • From week 29 – 40 (or week 25 – 40 for a multiple pregnancy) cover for medical expenses & cancellation cover is only provided if complications occur
  • No extra charge for pregnancy travel insurance 
  • No need to declare your pregnancy when you buy
  • 24-hour medical emergency support
  • Medical expenses up to £10 million
  •  Loss of medication up to £300
  • Cancellation cover up to £5,000 (platinum policies)
  • Personal property up to £3,000 (platinum policies)
  • Three levels of travel insurance cover available
  • Scheduled Airline Failure (insolvency cover) included
  • Travel Dispute Cover available
What to be aware of with goodtogoinsurance?
  • It is essential, if at the time of booking your trip you are aware that you are pregnant, that you ensure that you are able to have the required vaccinations for that trip; no cover will be provided for cancellation in the event that, after booking you discover travel is advised against, or you are unable to receive the appropriate and required vaccinations for that country 
  • Insurer will not cover denial of boarding by your carrier so you should check that you will be able to travel with the carrier/airline in advance 



What does Admiral cover?

  • You’re covered to fly up until 40 weeks with Admiral Travel Insurance and you don’t need to tell our travel team before you fly 
  • Emergency medical treatment & repatriation up to £20 million
  • Cancellation or cutting short your trip up to £5000
  • Personal belongings lost or stolen up to £2500
  • Money & documents lost or stolen up to £500
  • Your cover will be provided instantly
  • You’ll have 24-hour emergency support
  • Covers worldwide
What to be aware of with Admiral?
  • Admiral will not cover any new condition once the policy has been taken out
  • Some customers have stated that communication can be tricky with Admiral

Is it safe to fly during pregnancy?

It is safe to fly up until 36 weeks into your pregnancy, after which it is not recommended due to the possibility of going into labour. Many women also prefer not to fly within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy due to feeling nauseous or morning sickness. Also, after 28 weeks your airline may need a letter from your midwife or doctor confirming your due date and whether you are at risk of any complications.

Does travel insurance cover pregnancy? Is pregnancy a medical condition for travel insurance?

Often, pregnancy is not classed as a pre-existing medical condition so it may not be covered in your standard travel insurance. You will have to check with your insurance company whether they will cover pregnancy. If not, you may have to find an alternate company that will cover you.

Why may you need travel insurance in pregnancy?

Travel insurance during pregnancy, in general, will cover the same as any other travel insurance, including medical expenses, personal liability, lost and stolen luggage and flight cancellation. 

A good travel insurance for pregnancy may cover, pregnancy-related complications, early births, medical care during labour, emergency caesarean section and extra expenses if you give birth abroad and need to delay your return.

What to consider when you are looking for pregnancy travel insurance?

There is a lot to take into account when purchasing insurance, always be sure to read all small print to avoid being stung by unexpected fees or other potential problems with your cover.

How far into your pregnancy you can fly:

Each airline and insurer has different policies on how far into your pregnancy you are allowed to travel. Always check this first.

What the insurer’s policy covers:

You need to check exactly what the insurance company covers in their policy about pregnancy travel insurance. The policy must cover any pregnancy-related complications and medical expenses while you are abroad, and cancellation cover in case you are too unwell to fly or have been advised against it by a health professional.

Documents that may be needed:

Some insurers may need a document from your doctor or midwife stating your due date and whether you are at high risk of any pregnancy-related complications.

Also, when travelling make sure to take any of your maternity notes with you, travel insurance documents and if travelling within the EU get a European health insurance card (EHIC) which you can get for free from the link provided. Please note, this is not an alternative to travel insurance.

Source: NHS


Make sure the insurance policy you take out is affordable to you, including the excess. For example, if you lose your luggage with a value of £2000 and your excess is £500. You will have to pay the £500 out of your pocket and the insurance company will pay the remaining £1500. 

In case of lost luggage, the insurer may ask for receipts and proof of purchase, try and find a company that does not require this.

Overseas day and destination:

Always check how long you are covered for while outside of the UK and whether the country you are travelling to is covered. A good policy will cover you for 120+ days.

Company Reviews:

Customer reviews are extremely important, they are the best way to tell whether a particular company is safe to take out a policy with. More often than not the reviews are brutally honest and will tell you what the company does not want to tell you.  You will probably never find a company that does not have at least one bad review as you cannot please everyone. Ensure that you read both negative and positive reviews, and ideally take out a policy with a travel insurance company that has at least a 4 out of 5-star rating. Always check reviews from an outside source instead of the direct website. 

Recommended review website

Travel insurance with pregnancy

I recommend always getting travel insurance when you are planning on travelling. As stated above, each insurance company will have the odd negative review, when looking for travel insurance make sure it is tailored to suit your needs and requirements and ALWAYS read the small print. There are many fantastic insurance companies out there who will keep you covered completely and safe for your peace of mind in case any problems may arise.

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