The Best Double and Twin Prams

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Learning that you are expecting twins can be a huge shock. It’s undeniably a joy and a blessing to be the parent of multiples, but it is also a drain on your budget, energy and organisational skills. 

The best prams for twins are the ones which suit your family, maximum spend and lifestyle. There’s lots of choice and it’s difficult to know where to begin. 

Some twin prams suitable from birth are expensive but are they value for money? The best pushchair for twins could be the luxury one with snuggly carry cots or it might be the lightweight stroller that folds up easily into your car. 

So, before you choose your new-born twin prams, grab a cup of herbal tea and read our comprehensive guide to how to choose your twin pushchair and our best buys. 

Best tandem pram – one in front the other 

Uppa Baby ‘Vista’

One of the most luxurious and versatile tandem pushchair systems available. Choose the elements you need to create a bespoke travel system

  • Car seat adaptors available with lots of car seat brands to choose from. The best pushchair for twins who need to be in and out of the car a lot. 
  • From birth carrycots and adaptors available to make it the perfect twin pushchair from birth. Can easily be used as a tandem twin stroller for long walks with older babies. 
  • Comfortable for your babies with padded seats and accessories
  • Suspension and smooth gliding wheels make it one of the easiest twins prams to push.

iCandy Peach Double

A double pram pushchair – carry cots, car seat travel system and from birth push chair. 

  • Super flexible configurations are great if you don’t have a lot of room for storage. A fantastic twin tandem pram at a price that isn’t cheap but IS great value. 
  • Reversible seats will turn it into a parent facing double pram.
  • Can be used with from birth carrycots that come as a fabric set to attach to the seat unit frame. No bulky items to store once the babies get older. Can be used for overnight sleeping.
  • Suitable for use with a range of car seats. 
  • Height adjuster available for ‘cinema style’ seats when in use as a double pushchair.
  • One-handed ‘pop’ mechanism to remove units from the frame. So useful when you’re juggling babies and bags. 
  • A twin tandem pushchair that is a pleasure to push with fantastic suspension, comfort and ease. 

Best twin pram -side by side

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double Stroller

This side by side double pushchair is one of the lightest, slimmest twin pushchairs from birth you can buy. 

  • Super light, the best twin pram at this weight. 
  • A genius one-handed fold mechanism that is super quick.
  • Suitable as a double new-born pram. 
  • Carrycots available to buy to make it into a double carrycot pram.
  • Double pushchairs from birth need comfortable seats that lie almost completely flat, the baby jogger does just that. 
  • Designed for one handed driving which is unusual for a side by side double pram. 

Bugaboo Donkey 2 Twin

Bugaboo is an iconic baby brand. The Donkey is versatile, comfortable with loads of parent friendly features.

  • Twin travel system side by side – multi position seat unit, carry cot or car seat options. Effectively a double pushchair from birth to toddler.
  • Lots of storage space which is unique in prams for new-born twins.
  • Can be easily converted into a single. 
  • ‘No puncture’ tyres and excellent suspension. 
  • Extendable sunshades and rain-covers mean it is the ideal twin pram from birth no matter what month the babies are born in.
  • Reversible seats make it the best pram for twins who want to see the world AND their Mum’s face.
  • A parent facing twin pram that offers luxurious comfort.

Best ‘from birth’ twin pushchair  

My Babiie MB2 twin pushchair

Lightweight and so easy to push. Double buggies for twins don’t have to cost the earth, this is great value.

  • This is the best twin pushchair when it comes to ease of fold and size when folded. 
  • Pushchairs for twins are often cumbersome, big when folded and hard to push. This one is good for public transport, car boots and navigating busy shops. 
  • A twin buggy that is perfect on flat surfaces but also good on rougher terrain. 
  • Lie flat, from birth. seats. One of the twins’ pushchairs that will last from birth to toddler. 
  • The hood, sunshade and rain-cover give lots of protection.

Cosatto Supa Dupa Twin Stroller

A gorgeous design with a focus on softness, padding and comfort. 

  • Colourful and fun.
  • Umbrella fold that stands by itself. 
  • Lightweight -easy to lift into a boot, onto buses and up a kerb. 
  • The best twin buggy for comfort. Cosy toes, head rest, leg rests, hand warmer, insulated cup holders are all included. 
  • Seats lie flat so it is suitable as a new-born twin baby pushchair.

Best cheap Twin Strollers

Cheap twin prams are often a vital purchase when you are expecting multiples. There’s so much to buy! It doesn’t mean you won’t find some great cheaper options. 

Joie ‘Aire’ Twin Stroller

Twin strollers don’t come much cheaper than this bargain.

  • Remarkably light for a cheap twin buggy.
  • A double stroller for twins with an easy, one handed fold. 
  • A twin buggy from birth to 15kg. 
  • The colourway is fab for a brother and sister. Twin strollers are often boring black.
  • Secure five-point harness. Buggies for babies should still be safe even if they are a budget brand.
  • Cheap double buggies often don’t come with lots of accessories but at this price you can afford to splash out on super cosy baby nests. 

Cuggl Elder Double Pushchair

This is a positively reviewed, no frills, super lightweight stroller. It one of the best cheap twin pushchairs you could buy for travel. 

  • Buy your twin buggy cheap and add accessories such as rain cover, footmuff and head rests separately if you need them.
  • From six months to 15kg. 
  • Seat doesn’t adjust but it is still comfortable. 
  • Super small umbrella fold so very easy to store.
  • Lightweight and compact. Ideal for train and plane travel. 
  • Swivel wheels make it easier to push.

Things to consider when choosing a double pram

Age of the children

Double prams for new-born twins will recline flat and/or come with a carry cot. A double buggy for older babies will only have one or two back positions. 


Some twin pushchairs will navigate beautifully on country paths but feel heavy and hard to handle in city centre shops. Twin baby prams are an investment so not many new parents can afford to buy more than one. Make your decision based on where you will use your twin pram the most. 

Your house

Do you have the space for storage? Double prams from birth can take up A LOT of room in your home. 

Your car

Boot space, car seats and how often you use your car all need consideration. A twin baby pushchair that would be easy to transport is possible, they are available if you do your research. 

Budget and value

Twin prams for new-borns can cost anywhere from £99 – £2500. The range is huge and ‘building’ a travel system is complicated. Start shopping early so you have time to suss it all out. 

Features to look for in a double pushchair

Carry cots

A twin carrycot pram is the best option for new babies as they are cosy and flat.

Be aware that double pram from birth often doesn’t come with the carry cot included. 

Travel system with car seat

The makers of travel systems for twins suitable from birth will offer the chance to buy adaptors for a range of car seats. Twin pushchairs from birth with car seat included are rare so keep that in mind when working out the total price. 


A baby born twin pram needs swivel wheels at the front and bigger fixed wheel at the back, those are essentials. Size and material choice will depend on the terrain. 


The best pram for new-born twins is one which can be lifted into cars, onto buses and up kerbs without a struggle. 

Twin buggies for new-born and toddler ages will be lighter than travel systems. 


Twin buggies from birth need to be soft, padded and suitable for the age of the babies.

A new-born twin pram should have a baby nest, rain cover and sunshade. 

Forward or parent facing

A parent facing double pushchair offers maximum comfort and reassurance for you and baby. Some side by side twin pram systems have useful, easily reversible seats. 

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