Best baby bouncers, rockers and swings in 2019

When you come home with a baby for the first time, it’s hard to know where to start. And one of the biggest question is where to put baby down?

Most new parents will confirm that it’s almost impossible to get have time for yourself. Your baby wants to always be with you, be soothed.At first a baby sling or scarf will do the job, but after a few weeks your baby will need a more permanent solution.

That’s what swings, rockers and bouncers are for. You can safely put baby in and get a shower or prepare a meal. The big thing is finding the right swing or rocker that will soothe your baby, and they are not all equal in terms of movement and durability.

We’ve divided our favorite ones into two categories:

Best manual swings and bouncers

The minimalist bouncer chair

The best baby travel swing

Great long time option

Best bouncer chairs and baby seats with electric motion

Our Top Baby Rockers

Best electric baby swing to travel

The nap specialist

The ultimate baby swing

Hope our suggestions helped you find the perfect seat for your baby. I’d love to know which one you chose. Share a picture in the comments!

We chose to only cover the soothing seats that calm your baby and sometimes help them fall asleep. If you’re looking for more entertaining seats, we’ve the perfect guide of the best activity bouncers and jumpers for toddlers.

If you found this helpful and you’re looking for some help to find an activity gym for your baby head over our article on most entertaining playmats for babies, you might just find what you’re looking for.

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