The best baby gyms & playmats for newborns and toddlers

Your baby’s development relies on the various awakening activities they do. It’s all about stimulating his brain so that one is able to make connections and draw conclusions from an early age. It has been proven that most children who have had an activity gym as a baby have a more open mind. So, it is quite normal that so many parents and nurseries are interested in this accessory.

What should you be looking for in a play mat? One that is safe, practical, easy to transport and why not, evolutive to keep your baby entertained for months, or even years!

We have gathered the best baby gyms from each price point and for every ages to ensure you find the play equipment that works for you and your baby.

Best baby gym for newborns

To rest or to develop their senses, from the first few weeks of their life, your little one will appreciate a soft comfortable baby mat. A nice addition to the mat is a baby gym. Your baby will love reaching up for its hanging toys. Here are our to pick baby playmats.

Our favourite newborn play mat

Best budget baby gym

Best travelling baby mat

Best playmats for toddlers

If your little one is starting to crawl, a playmat is the perfect accessory to make sure they can play and explore safely. We’ve selected bigger play mats than the newborns ones so your baby have all the space they need to crawl around and have more toys around.

Best activity mat

Best crawling mat

Best budget & space saving play mat

Extra suggestions for toddlers play mats

We’ve selected quite versatile mat for crawlers that can also be used for older toddlers. However we wanted to show you some more original additions that could make your baby play area even more entertaining.

Soft flooring

Farm mat

Accessories for adventurous babies

So which one is your favourite? Did you go for a stylish grey one or for a more colourful one?

Now that you know where your baby will be playing, you may be interested in checking out one of our other lists, The Best Toys for Baby. This list will help you figure out which toys are best for helping baby build their motor and language skills.

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