The Best Swimming Nappies

1 Splash About ‘Happy Nappy’ Reusable Swimming Nappies Check it out
2 Tots Bots Reusable Swimming Nappy Check it out
3 Huggies ‘Little Swimmers’ Disposable Swim Nappy Packs Check it out
4 Pampers ‘Splashers’ Disposable Baby Swimming Nappy Check it out

Taking your baby swimming for the first time is exciting! Their squeals of delight and joyous splashing will be moments to treasure forever. 

If you’re planning a trip to the pool, going on holiday or joining a baby splash group then waterproof nappies are a vital part of your parenting kit. So, here’s a handy shopping guide to the swim nappies we love and trust. 

Which swimming nappy should you buy? 

We think that these are the best swim nappies available in the UK today. We hope you have oodles of fun trying them out!

Splash About ‘Happy Nappy’ reusable swimming nappies – Reusable and Swim School Approved

These amazing aqua nappies have been proven to be the most effective at preventing accidents in the pool. They won the Mother and Baby Gold Award in 2019 and many swim schools recommend them. There are lots of happy nappy sizes and colourful patterns to choose from too!


We were really impressed with the softness of the 1mm thick neoprene, your water babies happy nappy covered bottom will be snugly but comfortably encased.


The clever design means little legs can kick and jiggle but there is no risk of unpleasant leaks at the waist and thighs. 

Tots Bots Reusable Swimming Nappy

These baby swim pants have a nifty fastening system which avoids the messy job of pulling a potentially pooey nappy down your baby legs. 


The beautifully patterned fabric won’t absorb water so swimming and playing will never be weighed down.


The terry cloth inner is lovely and soft will lock in any mess for as long as the nappy is being worn. 

So long as you don’t use fabric conditioner, Tots Bots are easy to wash and dry. Happily, choosing washable swim nappies will save you money and reduce your carbon footprint by an amazing 40%.  

Huggies ‘Little Swimmers’ Disposable Swim Nappy Packs

Little Swimmers have been worn by enthusiastic water babies for years. They come in lots of different sizes so that every child from tiny tot to boisterous toddler will find a fit suitable for them. 

Thanks to the uniquely absorbent, Disney character adorned fabric they are guaranteed not to puff up or dissolve in water. Your baby will feel buoyant throughout their swim.


The leak protection at the waist and leg is super effective at preventing icky and embarrassing moments. 


We also adore how ridiculously easy Little Swimmers are to pull on and rip off. Your baby will be warm and dry in minutes. 

Pampers ‘Splashers’ Disposable Baby Swimming Nappy – Bumper Pack

Pampers are an iconic brand that have been trusted by parents for decades and these are swim pants baby will love wearing.


The non-swell material is fantastic, and the super stretchy waistband will remain comfy throughout your splash session. 

Leak guards at the legs are highly effective so there is no worry about poop or pee being released into the water.


When it’s time to get out and dry, the easy tear sides are a work of seconds! A great help when you’re trying to juggle a wet and wriggly baby.

Why is swimming so good for babies?

  • It offers independence of movement before they can crawl or walk.
  • It is a secure environment for them to test balance by bouncing and splashing. This helps with coordination out of the water too. 
  • Being in the pool will tire them out. Nap time for them and you!
  • Exercise makes baby hungry so after a swim is a great time to try out new foods. 
  • Swimming will strengthen their heart and lungs. 
  • Arm, leg and neck muscles will be exercised and gain strength. 
  • Meeting other babies at a Water Babies session will aid social skills and their personality will develop quicker. 
  • Having fun with a carer in a warm environment with lots of skin-to-skin contact is a wonderful way to bond. 
  • Learning a new skill or just doing something completely out of their ordinary routine will build confidence and encourage your little one to try new things. 
  • Developing skills in the water early on will help them cope in any emergency situations in the water in later childhood. 

So, pop a pack of nappies for swimming on your shopping list and make a date with the warm, shallow water of the baby pool. 

The right time to take your baby swimming for the first time and other helpful tips

If your baby is healthy and happy and, if they were born premature, are now past their due date, you can take them swimming. 

  • It used to be the case that baby must have had their vaccinations to swim. So, if any Mums of older children are negative about your pool plans then this is likely to be where those worries come from. 
  • Make sure the pool is heated. 
  • Take it slowly and don’t spend too long in the water at first. 
  • Take a snuggly towel and have it ready for very soon after you both leave the water. 
  • Use water nappies – standard nappies will flood and then disintegrate.
  • Baby swimming schools are happy to teach students from birth, so research classes in your area.
  • Take a favourite bath toy to encourage your baby to play. 
  • Get yourself ready first and then dress your baby in their swimming attire. 

Reusable swim nappies or disposable swim nappies? 

The pros and cons of reusable baby swim nappies

  • Washable swim nappies are better for the environment – used nappies aren’t recyclable so will go straight to landfill. 
  • If you’re keen swimmers, a reusable swimming nappy or two will save you money over the long term. 
  • Some washable nappies are tricky to roll down wet legs and if it’s dirty getting changed after swimming will be grim!
  • Nappies that were designed to be used again tend to be softer on the skin. 
  • They are available in interesting colours and patterns. 

The pros and cons of a disposable baby swim nappy

  • Disposable swimming nappies can be worn under toddler swim pants or shorts and swimming costumes. 
  • A throw-away waterproof nappy will be easy to tear at the sides so getting changed and warm is wonderfully quick. 
  • They are a good choice for occasional use as they are cheaper per nappy. 
  • Disposal waterproof nappies are great for holidays abroad where you may not have access to a washing machine. 

Choosing the size of your baby swimming nappies

Swim nappy sizes will differ depending on the brand and type. 

  • Disposable swim nappies will have sizes that relate to a child’s weight. For example, newborn swim nappies will be for babies that are 3-8kg (7-17Ibs). 
  • Reusable swim nappies will usually be sold in age ranges so a toddler swim nappy might be Sz 2-3 years. 
  • Remember, whether you’re buying swim nappy shorts for your one-year-old or a teeny tiny disposable, it needs to fit! So, take the unique shape and weight of your son or daughter into account. 

Wondering how to tell if you have found the perfect fit? 

  • The nappy should be snug but not tight at the legs and midriff. If it leaves red marks you need to go up a size. 
  • You should be able to fit two flat and side by side fingers between the fabric and your baby’s skin. 
  • Don’t be tempted to go up a size so that your purchase fits for longer! The leak proofing will not work and that’s not a happy or hygienic occasion for anyone! 

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