The Best Baby Bottle Warmer

1 Avent Electric Baby Bottle Warmer Check it out
2 Papablic Mini Portable Travel Baby Milk Heater Check it out
3 Nuby Natural Touch Electric Bottle Warmer Check it out
4 Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day and Night Machine Check it out
5 Tommee Tippee Advanced All-in-One Baby Bottle Heater and Pouch Warmer Check it out

Being a parent is both a source of deep joy and utter bewilderment! Have you ever had your cosy, peaceful evening of wine and movies disrupted by your offspring demanding toasty warm milk and NOW! Yep, us too! 

Shopping guide to the best baby bottle warmer 

We’ve tried and tested the products with the best bottle warmer reviews and brought them to you here. Prepping and warming feeds doesn’t have to be stressful when you’re in smug possession of the right kit! 

Avent Electric Baby Bottle Warmer

A fast and user-friendly bottle warmer from a loved and trusted baby brand.

Happy parents who have left positive Avent bottle warmer reviews love the fact it warms 150 ml of your baby’s milk in only 3 minutes, there’s even a defrost function! 


Milk is gently and evenly heated so there are no potentially scalding hotspots. Baby food can be warmed in this fab product too. 

The design of the Avent thermal bottle warmer is simple and compact so it will look great sat on your kitchen worktop. 

It works well with all bottles of the same brand and when travelling, the warm milk can be transferred to the handy Avent bottle warmer bag.

Papablic Mini Portable Travel Baby Milk Heater

The Papablic mini is high up in the ratings as the best bottle warmer for travelling as it is super portable, lightweight and easy to use. 

Milk can be warmed quickly, safely and evenly in a device that is only the size of a thermos flask. Most well-known brands of bottle are compatible. 


The water is kept hot with vacuum insulation and the waterproof sealing system makes the warmer safe and leak free. Soggy changing bags can be an annoyance of the past!

Nuby Natural Touch Electric Bottle Warmer

A great value baby bottle heater that looks neat in the kitchen but can also be used for travelling and fun days out. 


We adore the ‘One-Touch’ operation and the safe and gentle warming process. The only very slight downside is that the unit needs to cool for at least 10 minutes before re-use. 

Compatible with most brands so there’s no need to invest in a new set of Nuby baby bottles.

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day and Night Machine

The ultimate baby milk bottle warmer!

This is an investment product and will take up lots of counter space. However, it is an excellent time and energy saver so we think that’s well worth spending the money and making the room.


Your little one’s 150ml breakfast bottle or night feed will be ready in an amazing 2 minutes. So quick and easy! 

The defrosting function takes longer but is still speedy in comparison with other machines. 

As some parents choose to keep a machine in the nursery, night feeds can be made simple and fuss free with a night-time glow light and nifty volume control.

The clear and uncomplicated digital display is fool proof so you have the peace of mind that a baby-sitter will have no trouble preparing the ideal bottle of milk.

Tommee Tippee Advanced All-in-One Baby Bottle Heater and Pouch Warmer

A fantastic bottle heater and food warmer that can heat 150 ml of room temperature milk in only 4 minutes.


Gentle heating preserves the nutrients in both breast and formula milk and prevents an uneven temperature, no dangerous hot spots. 

If you’re weaning your baby on pouches such as Ella’s Kitchen this is perfect as a convenient and safe warming system. Small jars of baby food will also fit into the generously sized base unit. 

The automatic timer option allows you to set the machine to switch off when the milk or food has reached optimum temperature. Easy!!

Do I need to warm my baby’s bottle?

Many parents will be surprised to learn that there are no health benefits to warming your baby’s milk, in many families it is simply a practice that has been passed down through the generations with little thought as to whether it is ‘needed’. 

Ideally, your tiny tot would be happy to guzzle a feed at any temperature (other than too hot obviously!) Now, how incredibly convenient would that be?! 

When you begin a feeding routine, be it expressed breast milk or formula, start by offering your baby a room temperature feed. If he cheerfully drinks it then, happy days! 

Experiment with cooler milk too. Encouraging this kind of adaptability will make your life easier and lead to more relaxed mealtimes. 

Here’s what to consider when preparing a feed:

  • Some babies enjoy the soothing feeling of warm milk at bedtime and that’s ok.
  • Warming bottles will help a child get used to the idea of tasting hotter food as they grow. 
  • Most breastfed babies will be content to have their top-up milk served at body temperature. This will feel lukewarm to an adult.
  • Bottles of formula must be prepared with cooled boiled water and the chilling process may make it too cold for your baby to drink. 
  • Frozen breastmilk can be defrosted in a bottle warmer. 
  • Baby bottle warmers are a much safer method of warming than the microwave which can over-heat the milk (causing a loss of nutrients) and create hot spots.   

How to use a bottle warmer

A good baby milk warmer will come with a detailed user manual which should be read carefully. 

Each brand, type and design will be used differently. A Dr Brown flask bottle warmer will be very straight forward whereas you will need to study the Avent Digital Bottle Warmer instructions. 

Types of bottle warmer

Flask – freshly boiled water is stored in an insulated flask and then used to warm a bottle of milk or pouch of food. This is the best baby bottle warmer for days out and holidays. 

You could even buy two and use the second as a cooler for ready-mixed cartons, cooled water and/or baby food

Electric – the bottle is warmed using water heated by a heating element. It will come with a guide of how long it will take to warm the milk to the temperature needed. The functions will be controlled with a single dial or buttons. 

Digital electric – a heating element is used to heat water which subsequently warms the bottle. Sensors will switch the warming process off and alert you when the milk is ready to drink. A bright digital display is easier to see in a gloomy kitchen at 2am. 

Feeding systems – water is heated and used to warm the bottle while a separate section of the machine is keeping the next couple of bottles cool. Water can be stored, boiled, cooled and warmed all with the same piece of equipment. 

Useful features to look for in bottle warmers


If your family enjoys lots of weekends away, trips out and holidays then a compact and light bottle warmer which will tuck snugly into your baby bag is a great idea. 

A flask for baby milk heating has been the ‘go-to’ method for generations. They are inexpensive, don’t take up much cupboard or counter space and so are perfect for home use too! 


Using electricity to heat water to warm the bottle means that the milk will be ready quickly. Some will have your bundle of joy chowing down after an amazing two minutes. 


2 – 4 minutes is the average time it takes to warm a 150 ml bottle. This may not seem like a long time to wait, but if it’s 3am and your baby daughter is screaming, it will feel like forever! 

If the milk needs defrosting or the bottle has a larger capacity, timings can change. 


Some warmers can be used to heat food pouches or jars of ready-made meals. Choose a warmer with a wide base and/or container. 

Child health experts don’t recommend storing pre-prepared bottles. However, if you’re planning for several feeds, an insulated flask or compartment that can keep once boiled water cool and fresh is a useful feature. 


An electric warmer will allow you to set a timer and choose the level of heat needed. 


The most sophisticated, sensor-based machines can be pre-set to automatically heat your hungry baby’s bottles to the correct temperature. 


Boils water, cools, stores and warms – everything you need. The Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine started this trend and it has been a smash hit with new parents. 

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