Which baby walkers are safe to encourage baby to walk?

Your baby is starting to stand up and you want to help them make their first steps? It’s normal to want to encourage your child development, however it’s not always easy to know how. Should you use a walker? Is it safe? Does that really help your baby?

We’ve looked into it and we’re bringing you the good, the bad and the ugly from the baby walkers:

Avoid the sit-in walkers

Many studies and experts have questioned the safety of sit-in walkers. In fact, these toys have been banned in Canada for years and the EU recommendation is to not use a sit-in walker to avoid accidents

Between 1990 and 2014 in Ohio, a study recording the cause of trauma of babies under 15 months old admitted to the ER highlighted the risks of injuries related to sit-in walker. During that period, 230,676 children were treated for trotter related injuries

According to the study, the walker place the babies in potentially dangerous situation giving them more freedom of movement and speed than the babies can safely manage. Toddlers smash their fingers between the toy and walls, twist their ankles underneath themselves and most of them fall down the stairs…

Furthermore, according to a British study, babies that use sit-in walkers would make their first steps later than other babies. According to psycho-motor experts, these walkers might have a negative impact on the development of the baby’s hips and prevent the baby to learn to coordinate his legs and arms.

Can a push along baby walker help your baby to learn to walk?

While sit-in walkers are widely not recommended due to the large amount of accidents that are associated to them, it doesn’t mean you have to completely renounce to encourage your kid walking with toys.

A baby walking trolley is very effective to stimulate the mental and motor development of your baby. Your baby will do their first step holding on to it, giving them a feel of what they need to do to walk

Today there are countless models of walkers. Between all of the different functions and price points, it can be really difficult to narrow your choice down. So we’ve written a little guide for you

What to look for in a baby walker

There are several criteria to consider when buying this kind of baby walking aids.

The material: The first thing to consider is the materials used. There are plenty of plastic walkers but my favorite are the wooden ones. They are indeed more expensive but also more solid. It is an ecological material, resistant and which ensures a good life with the trolley. However, make sure that other products used for assembly and treatment are safe for your child’s health.

The colour: Regarding the shape and colour, it is better to choose a colorful model that will help awaken the curiosity of your baby.

The weight: The weight of the device is an important characteristic. To ensure good stability, prefer models that are not too light. On the other hand, it is also recommended to avoid too heavy walkers, that would be too difficult for your little one to handle properly. This parameter usually depends on the materials of manufacture, the wooden articles are heavier than the plastic ones.

The look & accessories: Accessories coming with the walker are also an important thing to consider when making your purchase decision. There are baby trolleys that look like a kitchen or pram to help the baby mimic what their parent does every day.

A great bonus if the model can store your baby’s toys in it. Furthermore the ability to adjust the height of this equipment is also very practical so you adapt it according to the size of your child.

To help you buy the stand up walker that will fit your little one’s needs, we’ve selected our favourite five baby walkers.

The best baby walkers to encourage your baby to walk

The best walker for babies

The best activity walkers for toddlers

The Tildo walker is the choice of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for their little Princess Charlotte.

Source: Kensington Royal – Twitter

Honorable mention for the cute design and practicality

Hope this made your search for the right walker for your baby a little easier. If you found this article helpful, please be sure to check out some of our other baby equipment articles! We have compiled right here the best sensory toys for baby on the market today.

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