Mothercare closing. Genuine bargains not to be missed?

It’s the end for Mothercare. After almost 60 years of existence, Mothercare has announced plans to put its UK business into administration.

Mothercare was unable to find a buyer. They are now looking at closing over 140 shops, putting in jeopardy over 2,500 jobs in the UK. 

The shops have announced a total clearance. It’s been reported that there were queues of people, waiting hours to grab some deals. So I went to the Warrington and Chester branches to see it with my own eyes and report on the best deals

There were no queues there. The shop was still quite full of items. It may have been because it was a Monday morning but theme weren’t that many people there.

Concerning the deals, everything is between 10 to 15% off. Let’s see if it’s worth it!

Babybjorn Baby Carrier One

On the Babybjorn website it’s £139.99. It’s the same price in Mothercare. If you add the 10% discount it’s £125.99. You’d save £14. However if you head over to amazon you can find the carrier for £112 So the Mothercare deal is still £13 over the best Amazon prime price.
Not worth it

Sleepyhead Deluxe Plus Pod

In Mothercare I found the Sleepyhead Deluxe Plus pod with silver lining for £140. With the discount it will cost you £126. On Amazon it’s currently priced at £140. Mother care deals saves you £14.
Worth it

Medela products

Swing flex

It’s £139.99 in Mothercare, which makes it £119 after the 15% discount. On Amazon I was able to find it for £99.99. So despite the discount it still £19 more expensive in Mothercare
Not worth it

Swing Flex essential pack

This essential pack is 144.99 in Mothercare. After discount you’d pay £123.25. On Amazon, today (11/11/2019) you can purchase it for £119.99, it’s £3 cheaper.
It’s a tie

Swing Maxi Flex

The maxi Flex is 249.99 in Mothercare. The discount brings it down to £212.50. You can find the same pump on Amazon for £179.99, which is quite a good deal and £32 cheaper than Mothercare.
Not worth it

PersonalFit Breast Shield, X-Large

It’s £13.99 in Mothercare, costing £11.90 after the 15% discount. On mazon you can find it for £14.99. Buying it at Mothercare you’d save £3.
Worth it

Breastmilk Storage Bags

It’s both £7.99 in Mothercare and Amazon. However with the 15% discount you’d only pay 6.80 in Mothercare, saving £1.19.
Worth it

Tommee Tippee closer to nature newborn starter kit

It’s £34.99 before discount, which make it £29.74 at the till at Mothercare. You can find the same kit, clear, for £12.99 on Amazon.
Not worth it

Tutti Bambini CoZee bedside crib

It was initially  £185.00 in Mothercare. With the 10% discount you only pay £166.50, which is the same price than the one I found on Amazon.
It’s a tie

Silver Cross prams

It’s hard to compare prams as they offer so many options in terms of colour and materials and some options are only available in some retailers.

Silver Cross pioneer

The Silver Cross pioneer brompton pram and pushchair in grey is £787.50 after discount (£875.00 initially). If you want this exact colour it’s not a bad price, however if you’re not too bothered, you can find it in different colour for £60 to £200 cheaper at some Baby centers and Amazon.

Silver Cross Wayfarer

The Camden one is £697.50 after discount (£775.00 initially). Similarly to the Pioneer, if you’re not bothered by the colour you can find cheaper deals £100 cheaper at Samuel Johnston

Cybex cloud-z car seat

It’s £202 after discount in Mothercare. It’s a better price than the £246 on Amazon, but still slightly over the £199.00 you can find right now at Natural Baby Shower.
It’s a tie

Snuz SnuzKot Mode Cot Bed

I found it at £349 in Mothercare, which after discount bring it to £314. Which is £35 cheaper than all the other retailers online.
Worth it

Are some deals 100% worth it?

Mothercare brand and Early Learning Centre branded items are the one you won’t find cheaper anywhere.

This set of furniture: Lulworth collection 

It is only sold in Mothercare. You save £29 on the bed, £33 on the changing unit and £39 on the wardrobe. Unfortunately the toy chest is not available anymore.

The Early Learning Centre toys:

Most of them are exclusive to ELC and Mothercare. Still check Argos and Debenhams as they offer some better prices for a small amount of them like the Pull-along building bugs

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