The Best Tummy Time Pillows, Rollers and Mats

1 Lamaze Tummy Time Spin and Explore Check it out
2 Nuby Tummy Time Roller Check it out
3 Mamas and Papas Tummy Time Activity toy Check it out
4 Splashin’ Kids Tummy Time play mat with water Check it out
5 Fisher Price Monkey tummy time mirror Check it out

Tummy time is when your baby is placed on their tummy when they are alert and awake. A tummy time activity toy is a lovely way to make this important development time more fun and interesting for your little one. 

Our shopping guide to the best baby tummy time toys

There are lots of high-quality toys being offered by trusted brands. Many will be very similar to each other so it can be difficult to choose the best. Here’s our helpful guide to our favourites, we know that you and your baby will have hours of happy fun with them.

Lamaze Tummy Time Spin and Explore

Suitable from birth

This Lamaze tummy time activity mat spins at the centre so your baby can be enthralled by 5 different toys

A tummy time toy that is educational as well as fun

  • Whimsical characters in bright contrasting colours and monochrome 
  • Lots of textures that squeak, rattle and crinkle
  • A mirror is included so your little one can be entertained by the shine and the sight of their own cute little face
  • The Lamaze spin and explore garden gym will help your baby to develop upper body strength and fine motor skills
  • The Lamaze spin and explore will grow with your child as they progress from rolling over, propping themselves up to crawling

Nuby Tummy Time Roller

Suitable from birth 

This baby tummy roller is super soft and comfy to lay on 

With Nuby tummy time is a giggle with lots of interactive activities

  • This baby tummy time pillow also has a mirror, squeaky owl and a teether
  • A tummy time cushion isn’t just for relaxing on, it will strengthen a tiny tot’s neck, arm and chest muscles. 
  • Hand and eye co-ordination are boosted as baby grabs the toys and pushes the roller away
  • The muted, neutral colours are gorgeous

Mamas and Papas Tummy Time Activity toy

Suitable from birth 

This Tummy time roll will encourage the movement of your baby’s head and neck.

The roll shape is great as a traditional relaxation pillow after tummy time fun is over

  • The bold colours are cheerful to look at
  • There are contrasting textures to fascinate your baby from the very tips of their fingers
  • Patterns and prints hold attention for ages
  • Exploration is rewarded with cute noises 
  • A teether is included to soothe sore gums
  • There’s also a mirror and lots of 3D features to play with 

Splashin’ Kids Tummy Time play mat with water

Suitable from 3 months plus

Tummy time mats with water are fabulous fun! Your cheeky babe will love feeling the wobbly texture change when they poke and pat it

  • Hand and eye co-ordination and motor skills are both encouraged when chasing the floating toys through the water
  • Excellent quality, constructed from heavy duty BPA FREE 
  • Your baby will be enraptured by the different colours, lovable underwater characters and unusual textures 
  • Easy to fill, empty and store. Use a drop of vinegar to prevent mould

Fisher Price Monkey tummy time mirror

Suitable from birth

This large, robust mirror is one of the best tummy toys for self-discovery

  • Double sided for extra fun 
  • A crackly, crinkle panel sounds funny and the fleecy ‘grass’ is soft to touch 
  • Reaching out and grabbing will be rewarded with a gratifying squeak, jingle or clack
  • The fleecy ‘grass’ is soft to touch 
  • It’s easy to fold up and store

The importance of tummy time

Tummy time is important as it helps your baby to build and strengthen the muscles that they need for sitting and crawling. They will learn to lift their shoulders, head and neck to get a better view of their fascinating new world. 

Eventually your curious child will begin to reach for the textures and colours they see on their tummy time mat and the vital act of play will begin. 

Increasing tummy time, as baby begins to enjoy it, will also mean less time on their backs. This will help with flat head syndrome. 

When is a baby be ready for tummy time toys? 

Tummy time can begin from birth, simply lay down and place you baby on your chest. Just make sure you’re not likely to drift off to sleep! 

When using tummy time toys for babies always ensure your bundle of joy is also awake and alert. Stay close and keep engaging them so they reassured. 

Build up tummy time slowly. Little and often is key. Start with them laid on a soft and snuggly blanket or play mat. Chat to them and stroke their faces to make it a bonding and soothing few moments of the day. 

Some babies hate it and will squawk in indignation. Just try it for a minute or so and distract them with their favourite toy or try it when they have just woken from a nap or had a nappy change. 

Use a tummy time pillow or a rolled-up blanket under your baby’s armpits if they struggle to lift their head and find that distressing. This will also give them a better view of the possibilities around them. 

Place a toy just out of reach to encourage them to reach and grab. This builds fine motor skills and hand/eye co-ordination. 

The best tummy toys for each stage

A play mat – these can be bought individually or as part of a set with a mobile that sits above. Look for soft and washable fabrics in a design that you love. Unusual textures such as crinkles and crackles, an unbreakable mirror and toys that are there to be reached for and grabbed. 

A roller pillow – see below for how to get the best of this type of toy. 

A fold out unbreakable mirror– this is a classic, prop your baby in front of the shiny, glittery surface and they will be a thrilled with the gorgeous creature that is staring back at them. 

Water pat mats – an inflatable mat at is filled with water, glitter, floating toys and bubbles. It will also be a fab toy to use in a highchair. 

How to use a tummy time roller

There a couple of types of tummy time roller and they will suit a variety of ages and development stages.

  • Some roller tummy toys UK manufacturers design are soft and pillow like. 
  • They can be used to prop your baby if they are struggling to hold their head up.
  • They have fun activities such as mirrors, texture patches and contrasting colours. 
  • Baby can also use it to lean back on once tummy time is over. 
  • When he or she is older and has gained strength, the roller can be pushed, pulled and flipped over.

For older babies there is a different kind of roller.

  • They will be bigger to suit an older baby. 
  • It will be round and shaped to move easily so baby will be encouraged to wriggle and eventually crawl after it. 
  • Sometimes the toy will make music or produce sounds as it rolls along, this teaches your baby will learn about cause and effect. 

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