The Best Baby Thermos and Bottle Insulators to keep your bottles warm or cold on the Go

1 Tommee Tippee baby bottle insulated bag Check it out
2 Lekebaby double baby bottle thermal bag Check it out
3 Bisou Mami stainless steel thermos flask Check it out
4 Tommee Tippee travel milk and food warmer Check it out

The joys of exploring with a little one in tow are made so much easier when feeding is simple and convenient. A baby bottle insulator bag will keep water hot, food cool and all your meal-time kit in one place. Alternatively, if you’re planning on travelling really light, just pack a baby thermos flask and milk will be guzzle ready with five minutes of the first hungry cry. 

A handy shopping guide to the best baby bottle warmer bag

Hands on experience and thorough research into reviews from other experienced parents allow us to confidently recommend these hero products. 

Tommee Tippee baby bottle insulated bag

This two pack of single bottle bags are fantastic value and boast superb heat retention credentials. Tommee Tippee are a trusted nursery brand and these bags have been highly rated by happy parents for many years. 


The bags can be carried in a nappy bag or attached securely to your push chair. We love that the two pack allows us the chance to keep both water for milk hot and cups of juice or pouches of food cool.

Lekebaby double baby bottle thermal bag

Robust, insulating and easy to clean, this baby bottle cool bag can also be used as a way to keep bottle/food warming water hot. We found the capacity of this bag super useful. A couple of large bottles will sit snug and toasty while two sippy cups and a pouch or two of food would sit nicely too. 


The wipe clean interior is fab and there’s a handy zip pocket inside. The wide, adjustable strap gives you the option to hang the bag from a shoulder or pram handle.

Polar Gear thermal bottle bag or cooling food storage

Cool pots of homemade yumminess or shop bought jars of delicious gloop in this bag which comes complete with a re-usable ice pack. Used without the ice pack, this piece of clever Polar Gear kit will happily maintain the temperature of whatever treats you place in there. 

There is loads of room for a full day of drinks and food and the strap can be altered to fit any kind of pram. The quick release clip is ace too! No need to wrestle with your handbag and nappy bag to remove lunch from your wheels. 

Looking for a bottle warming flask? Try these!

Bisou Mami stainless steel thermos flask

Try this versatile stainless-steel thermos baby bottle warmer or juice cooler. It can be used as a hot water flask or for baby milk and food warming when the water is poured into another container. You could even pour ready made up milk from it into a baby bottle.


The contents will remain hot for 8 hours. We adore the cute design, it’s so unusual and eye catching! The dinky size and leak proof seal means it can be easily tucked into your baby feeding bag too.

Tommee Tippee travel milk and food warmer

Tommee Tippee have many iconic products with which they delight modern parents, this awesome flask is one of them. The two-piece design acts as a flask for hot water and a receptacle for food or milk warming to happen in. 


Four hours of heat maintenance, excellent quality and BPA free plastic are guaranteed. It’s a great price and is ideal for travelling, meals out and day trips.

Ideas for wonderful first days out with your baby

The purchase of a bottle warmer bag will make memory making excursions much less of a stressful experience. We promise all new parents that being brave and getting back out into the world isn’t as scary as you imagine. So, where to go?!

The seaside

A British classic and surprisingly perfect for a little one. Let them wiggle their toes in the sand, enjoy a paddle and then snooze of the excitement in the shade of a pop-up UV tent. Soaking up new sounds, smells and textures is a gorgeous way to spend a day. 

The park

Small babies won’t benefit from the play equipment, but they will enjoy watching toddlers and older children race around the park laughing and whooping. Then, as soon as he or she can hold their head up it’s time to have a gentle go on the baby swings. A heart-warming first that you’ll never forget!

An art gallery

We know, we know! An odd choice, right?! However, if you’re an art lover, a trip to your local gallery will feed your tired soul and remind you that your former self still exists. Your baby will love the peace and enjoy the contrasting colours, bold shapes and interesting lighting. 

Animal farm 

Even little babies find animals fascinating and it’s a day out that the entire family, from babe and toddler to teenagers and grandparents will love. 

Petting zoos are a lovely first step and carefully stroking a friendly rabbit or listening to rambunctious ducks quacking will produce lots of giggles and smiles. 

Soft play centre

Check if your local soft play or children’s activity centre has an exclusive area for younger children. They are noisy and chaotic places but it’s a good location to connect with other mums and have snuggles with the tiny one while an older sibling plays happily. 

What you’ll need for stress free feeds on the move

Here’s a useful list of what you might need to take with you when you’re having a day away from home:

  • A measure of formula for each feed in a small, dry and clean tub. Avent make an ingenious little gadget which stores formula and delivers just the right of powder for each feed. 
  • A clean, sterilised flask containing freshly boiled hot water.
  • Ready-to-drink cartons of formula milk are expensive but are ultra-convenient, keep them cool in an insulated bag with an ice pack. 
  • Take a couple of empty but sterilised feeding bottles with the seal, teat and cap securely in place.
  • Bibs and burping cloths

Ideally, each feed should be freshly made with cooled, boiled water. If this isn’t possible, make your feeds at least an hour before you leave and leave in the fridge until the last minute.

  • Keep made up feeds in a cool bag – this will also be useful for snacks and cool drinks when your child is older. 
  • Heat them in a travel bottle warmer or by placing them in the hot water from a thermos flask. 
  • If you’re planning to carry freshly made up bottles for an imminent feed or bottles of hot water to add formula too, then thermal bags are a handy way to keep them at a temperature that your baby will enjoy. 

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