Are sleepyheads the best baby pods? Review & Alternatives

Sleeping routines can become a complete disaster when our little one doesn’t want to sleep anywhere but in our arms.  This situation becomes difficult to avoid, leaving mums exhausted most of the time.

Don’t feel guilty for wanting to sleep in your own bed, without the baby squirming around next to you or a fear of rolling over on the baby.

But we all know how hard the routine can be; getting the baby to sleep, rushing to clean bottles, throwing in some laundry, and cleaning off yourself before getting 30 minutes of sleep yourself. Next thing you know, the baby’s awake and ready to eat.

When mum’s get desperate for sleep, they will try anything. There are products on the market that are made to help babies sleep more sound in a safe nest-like pillow, to allow the mom to get more done and acquire better sleep.

One of these products is designed for babies ages 0-36 months, called the Sleepyhead Pod. It is a reinvention of the womb that allows the baby to sleep feeling more secure.

Many mums swear by this product, but what is so great about it? Let’s find out!

Sleepyhead Deluxe Plus Pod

Are Sleepyhead Pods Safe for my Baby?

Sleepyhead, with its protective raised borders, promotes a healthy sleeping position while preventing the baby from rolling out of bed. Be honest; us mums constantly worry about our baby falling out of bed and hitting his head, wriggling down under the covers, or worse, us rolling over on top of them ourselves!

The elevated sides of the Sleepyhead prevent the any of these fears from happening. In fact, the products is said to be very comfortable to sleep next to by many customers.

The firm Sleepyhead “mattress” significantly lowers the risk of suffocation, unlike soft adult mattresses. Both the mattress pad and surrounding bumper allow air to flow through the Sleepyhead with ease. The breathability of the pod allows the temperature to stay cool, keeping the baby from sweating and becoming dehydrated. The material is hypoallergenic and washable for easy care.

What are benefits to using the Sleepyhead instead of a bassinet?

The Sleepyhead was designed to allow babies to safely rest, play, and lounge without the restrictions of buckles. This clever pod is lightweight and easily moved from one room to the other and simple to travel with. Sleepyhead Grand, designed for babies age 8-36 months, allows an easy transition from crib to big-kid bed. The sides of the Sleepyhead give the child a sense of security while in their bigger bed.

The shape and design allows for elevation of the baby’s head to avoid trapped air that causes gas. This is an ideal place for the baby to get tummy time which helps strengthen a child’s neck and develop some important motor skills. Many mums reported that their baby is happy lying in the sleeping pod when awake, with little fuss. Recent studies show Sleepyhead not only allows security for the babies sleeping and playing in it, but the mothers are able to complete more chores with less stress and fatigue. Isn’t this what we need after all?

Are Accessories Available?

Yes, you can personalize your Sleepyhead pod by choosing from one of the numerous different covers that are available in different colors and patterns. The black and white pineapple and the marble pattern are so chic and classy, while the bright geometric and floral patterns scream, “FUN”!

A Sleepyhead toy arch can be purchased that attaches right onto the sleeping pod. The toy arch can be accessorized with soft crinkling toys that dangle for your baby’s entertainment. Babies are drawn to the feel and the sound that these crinkling toys make.

Carrying cases for travel and storage are also available for purchase. Although the price of the Sleepyhead is quite high, the quality of product you are getting for the money is worth it. The Sleepyhead is adaptable to both boys and girls, with comfort ensuring that baby can have a good night’s sleep.

Cheaper Version of Sleepyhead

While the Sleepyhead is a great product, it may be a bit pricey for new parents who are already having to spend hard earned cash on diapers, wipes, formula, etc. There are products that offer some of the same benefits as the Sleepyhead without emptying your wallet.

Poddle Pod vs. Sleepyhead

One cheaper version of the Sleepyhead is the Poddle pod. The breathable Poddle pod is a fraction of the price for a Sleepyhead and is also available online for purchase. The concept is similar though the shape is just slightly different.  The contour, rather than an oval, is a rounded off square.

This shape allows for a little more room for play time on the Poddle pod than on the more expensive option. However this also means a little more room for rolling if the baby is a newborn or very tiny. Still, this version is equipped with elevated side bumpers to keep your baby from rolling out of it. The Poddle pod is designed for 0-36 month babies.

Poddle Pod (0-6 Months)

Poddle Pod (6-36 Months)

Purflo Nest vs. Sleepyhead

The Purflo nest and the Poddle Pod carry a similar shape, though a different bottom design. The Price is about dramatically cheaper than the Sleepyhead while still having comparable features. The hypoallergenic material is safe and breathable for your baby.

PurFlo Baby Newborn (0-6 Months)

PurFlo Baby Maxi (6-36 Months)

Babymoov Cosydream vs. Sleepyhead:

The babymoov cosydream is another much cheaper version of the Sleepyhead. This style of sleeping pod is made for sleeping on the back only. The design and shape does not allow for much movement due to its rounded bumper at the top placed there to keep the baby’s head still. This added detail restricts any rolling over that may occur.

This option still allows for a sound and safe sleep for the baby. Tummy time can be utilized with the babymoov cosydream and contains a similar breathable fabric to the Sleepyhead.

Babymoov Cosydream

Wrapping Up

When comparing the Sleepyhead pod with other options on the market, mums chimed in saying they prefer the Sleepyhead regardless of price. While some of the other options were highly recommended for daytime play, the Sleepyhead was the best option for overnight, providing a longer rest time for their child. Some mums reported first purchasing the cheaper versions, and then opting to buy the Sleepyhead when they became unsatisfied with their initial purchase. However some still found the cheaper version to be sufficient and did the job!

With the safety of your baby being number one, purchasing a sleeping pod should be high on your list. The overall construction of these sleeping pods gains high ratings by mothers around the globe. The decision you have to make is deciding which one fits your needs. There are several options to choose from ranging in color choices, accessories available, and the price that is in your range. Whichever you choose, I give the person who first created this design two thumbs up!

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