The best baby booster seats for eating

1 Fisher Price Healthy Care Check it out
2 BTSKY Toddler Booster Seat Check it out
3 Nuby Portable Booster Seat Check it out
4 Infantino 3in1 Baby Seat Check it out
5 Steo Hook-On Folding Booster Seat Check it out

As a loving parent who wants the very best for their growing child, it can be difficult to know which products to buy. There is such a huge amount of choice that decisions can become overwhelming. 

Hopefully, this useful guide to the top-rated toddler and baby feeding seat options will take the stress away and you will be able to focus on the more important and fun task of inventing nutritious recipes and exciting table top games for your little one. 

Best feeding booster seats

Decided that a booster seat is the right choice for your baby? Here is a shopping guide to our five favourites! 

Fisher-Price Healthy Care – a dining chair booster seat for a baby of 6 months plus

This hygienic baby feeding booster seat can be used from the time your child can hold their head up unaided. 

  • The seat and tray are super easy to clean as there are no ‘crevices’ in which food can get trapped. 
  • The top booster seat for chair cleanliness. 
  • The tray is dishwasher safe so can be safely sanitised at a high temperature. 
  • The tray also has a ‘lid’, so it remains clean during transport, storage or between meals. 
  • The folding mechanism is simple and quick and there’s an adjustable shoulder strap for when you’re juggling bags and baby. 
  • The tray and back can be removed quickly so it can be used by toddlers as well as babies. 
  • There are three height positions to suit your little one and/or the table they are sitting at. 
  • Comes with a three-point harness to keep baby secure. 
  • The seat straps are designed to fit all types and design of chair.

BTSKY toddler booster seat for dining table meals and play time

This toddler chair seat for children of 2 years plus is a great option for the tricky transition between needing to be strapped in and being tall enough for a normal chair. 

  • The fabric of this toddler dining chair positioner is robust and can be removed easily and hand washed. 
  • Soft but supportive foam provides a comfy cushion for wriggly bottoms. 
  • This toddler booster chair will fit most dining chairs as the straps are fully adjustable. 
  • Comes with a handy and attractive storage bag that also has room for toys to entertain a bored toddler during a long meal in a restaurant. 
  • An attractive design that you and your child will both love to look at it.

Nuby Portable booster seat

Nifty booster seat that can be used from 6 months or when your baby can hold his head up unaided. 

  • Fully adjustable 3-point harness to keep your baby safe. 
  • Ultra-lightweight and portable. Fantastic for days out and travel. 
  • The seat folds down and converts into a useful and good-looking storage bag. 
  • The straps which attach the seat to a dining chair are easy to alter to fit any design of chair. 
  • Easy clean, waterproof fabric. 
  • Soft and sturdy foam provides a comfy cushion. 
  • Comes with handy mesh pockets for bibs, spoons and wipes. 

Infantino 3in1 baby seat with tray, music and lights

Excellent booster seat with tray. This is a fantastic multi-purpose product that can be used from baby to toddler age as a booster seat for eating and playing. One of the most popular options of baby chairs Amazon sells.

  • Play time option has a light-up piano, mirror, flip book, gear set, bead play and fun spinners all attached to the tray. 
  • Slide the toys aside and reveal the snack tray. 
  • Adjustable straps to keep baby securely in position.
  • The soft but supportive foam cushion is washable and wipe clean. 
  • Utilise the durable and alterable straps to make it a booster seat for dining chair use at home. 
  • Can also be used as a sturdy floor seat. 

Steo Hook-on, folding booster seat for table attachment

Any child seat for table attachment needs to be super sturdy and this is exactly that. 

  • The thick base padding on this comfort focused baby booster chair provides a lovely and comfy perch for babies. 
  • The cover is easy to remove and can be washed and dried in next to no time. 
  • Comes with a strong safety strap so your precious bundle of mischief remains safe. 
  • The clamp that attaches to the table is robust and has a clever, non-slip feature. 
  • Can be folded down and placed in the useful storage bag in less than a minute.

The pros of booster seats

A highchair is a tall chair which stands placed on the floor on its own legs. A booster highchair seat is a short seat that needs to be attached to an existing dining chair. Both a traditional highchair and a chair booster seat can be used from around six months or whenever your sweetheart can confidently hold his or her head up by themselves. 

Here are some of the excellent reasons why you might choose a table booster seat for dining table meals instead of a highchair. 

  • Booster seats are versatile. Most can be used up at the dining table for meals and creative play or popped on the floor as a secure play and relaxation seat. 
  • They may not be as roomy as a highchair but they are portable so you can use them throughout the home. Some can even be folded up and used for travel, visiting friends and relatives or eating out at a restaurant. 
  • A booster is much easier to clean thoroughly than a highchair. If it gets really yukky, just take it to the bathroom for a good hose down with the power shower. 
  • Their size makes them a great option for a small home or dining room/kitchen. 
  • If you are on a budget, a booster seat is a much cheaper option. Even the most luxurious cost £60 at the most and good quality mid-range products will be £20-£25. 

Find the best baby booster seat and the best toddler booster seat– the features you should be looking for. 

  • A toddler booster seat for eating needs to be easy to clean, during weaning and creative play, things can get messy! Look for a seat that has few nooks and crannies, is dishwasher safe and has removal, washable covers. 
  • A high chair booster seat should be light and compact. You could decide to buy a sturdier one for permanent mealtime use at home and a portable one for visiting, eating out and holidays. 
  • Pick the correct product for the age of your child. A baby chair seat will have lots of safety features. A toddler booster seat for table eating may just be a piece of wipeable foam that lifts a slightly too small child to the correct height for enjoying a meal with their family. 
  • Some boosters come with a removable tray, if this is the case then the ability to give it a hot wash in the dishwasher is a brilliant feature. 
  • Any plastic should be certified BPA free. 
  • Lots of adjustability in the harness and attaching straps means it will fit most ages of baby and designs of chair.  

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