The Best 1 Tog Baby Sleeping Bags

1 ‘Snuz Pouch’ sleeping bag 1 Tog 0-6 months Check it out
2 ‘Lictin’ adjustable 1 tog sleeping bag 3-18 months Check it out
3 ‘Sweety Fox’ 1.0 Tog baby sleeping bag 12-18 months Check it out
4 ‘Tommee Tippee’ Grobag 18-36 months 1 tog Check it out

A 1 tog sleeping bag is a great choice for safe and happy snoozing during the British summer time. There are lot of different brands, colours and patterns to choose from so, settle down with a cuppa and enjoy perusing our useful guide. 

‘Snuz Pouch’ sleeping bag 1 Tog 0-6 months

So clever! The ‘nappy change’ zip is a nifty alterative to the bottom zip style of sleeping bag. These delightfully patterned sleep sacks also have a side access zip and adjustable popper shoulders. 


Super soft cotton is kind to delicate skin and can be washed at 30 and tumble dried. 

‘Lictin’ adjustable 1 tog sleeping bag 3-18 months

This cute sleeping bag will last from 3- 18 months thanks to the innovative adjustable length. It’s made from beautifully soft material that is easy to wash and quick to dry. 

We love the two-way bottom zipper which helps to make midnight nappy changes less of a fumble and a faff. 


Lictin also sell two packs of sleeping bags which are super value and so convenient for wash and wear. 

‘Sweety Fox’ 1.0 Tog baby sleeping bag 12-18 months

Sweety Fox sleeping bags are adorned with adorable unisex patterns that would suit all styles of nursery. 

Made from 100% organic jersey cotton so it is summer weight but also warm to the touch. The robust, covered zip is at the side and bottom which is practical for easy dressing.


The range of sizes is wonderful too! There’s a 3-6 years option that is hard to find in any other brand and will be loved by older kids who enjoy the feeling of being tucked in while sleeping. 

‘Tommee Tippee’ Grobag 18-36 months 1 tog

The original baby sleeping bag! The Panda design of this lightweight 1.0 Tog Grobag is gorgeous and the brushed fabric is so snuggly. 

Always a sleep safe pioneer Tommee Tippee, have now developed a 1 tog Grobag which promotes the hip health of babies. 


The top of the bag is fitted for comfort and a reassuring swaddle feel while the lower half flares out with loads of room for tiny hips, bottoms and legs to wiggle free. 

What is a Tog rating?

The Thermal Overall Grade (Tog) is the rating that describes the ‘warmth’ of a sleeping bag. A higher number means that it will have more thermal resistance and keep your baby cosier. 

A 1 tog bag is suitable for a night’s slumber at between 20 and 24 degrees.

Remember that the tog rating is a guide and children will differ in how warm they prefer to be while sleeping. Always check for a hot and sweaty back of the neck and chest to make sure they are safe and comfortable. 

Are 1 Tog baby sleeping bags right for your baby? 

Baby grow bags 1 Tog could be the ultimate solution for an undisturbed and happy night of sleep. Good quality brands will provide a guide to togs and temperatures or you could head to Sleep Safety websites such as The Lullaby Trust or the NHS for up-to-date guidance and advice. 


If you’re going on holiday with a toddler to a hot country, make sure a 1 tog sleeping bag 18-36 months is on your packing list. 

A lightweight but comforting sleeping bag is the perfect sleep wear in an air-conditioned room on a sunny Greek island. 

Room temperature

Check the average temperature of any room that your baby will be sleeping in. A good quality room thermometer is a vital purchase for parents-to-be. 

Each house is different. In a Victorian Terrace with high ceilings it may feel cool even in August yet in a modern, eco home you might find that the nursery is always toasty even when it’s snowing outside. 

The ideal room temperature should be 16-20 degrees so choose sleeping bags and pyjamas that suit the houses that you live in and visit regularly. 

What your baby should wear underneath

If the nursery is 18 degrees a lightweight sleeping bag and cotton long sleeved vest are a sensible option. 

Check the guidance provided on The Lullaby Trust link and/or provided with your baby’s sleeping bag. 

Layering is key and check the back of your tiny tot’s neck and their chest to ensure it is not hot and sweaty. If you’re concerned, take a layer away. Don’t judge temperature by hands and feet as they will naturally be cooler. 

How to choose baby sleeping bags 1 Tog and over


A 1 Tog baby sleeping bag 0-6 months will have a minimum weight limit so check your baby is big enough before snuggling them up in it. 

Consider purchasing a bag that has an adjustable length or shoulders to prevent a wiggly baby from slipping down into the bottom. 

We love the fantastic value that a 1 tog sleeping bag 18-36 months represents. Not many nursery items have the longevity of a sleeping bag. 


The best kind of closing mechanism will differ depending on the size. A 1 tog sleeping bag 18-36 months should have a long zip for ease of fit on an older, lively baby. 

A baby sleeping bag 1 Tog or otherwise will have one of the following kinds of fastening:

  • Middle zip – robust and covered to prevent irritation and catching
  • Middle and two-way bottom zip – a fab option for quick and easy nappy changes in the middle of the night
  • Side zip – a practical wide opening which is particularly good for older babies 
  • Buttons or poppers at the shoulders – great for adjustability and easy removal 


Breathable 100% cotton is the ideal fabric for a sleeping bag. It can be either soft fleece or cooling, smooth cotton depending on what your baby prefers. 

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