The Best 0.5 Tog Baby Sleeping Bags

1 Ergobaby 0.5 tog summer baby sleeping bag – 0-6 months Check it out
2 Slumbersac summer tog baby sleeping bag – 6-18 months Check it out
3 Lictin tog 0.5 sleeping bag – 18-36 months Check it out
4 0.5 Tog Summer ‘Grobag’ – 18-36 months Check it out

In summer, a lightweight baby sleeping bag of 0.5 tog should help your child to sleep comfortably throughout warm nights. 

This guide on how to choose the best sleeping bags has lots of helpful hints but head to ‘The Lullaby Trust’ website for more safe sleep advice.

A shopping guide – our favourite baby summer sleeping bags

Ergobaby 0.5 tog summer baby sleeping bag – 0-6 months

This cute elephant print summer tog baby sleeping baby is super practical. The bottom zip goes two ways so nappy changing is easier and there are strap holes in the back to allow attachment to car seats and bouncers. 


The breathable 100% cotton fabric is soft and washable at 30 degrees. A great baby summer sleeping bag for younger babies.

Slumbersac summer tog baby sleeping bag – 6-18 months

Absolutely delightful ‘forest friends’ embroidery adorns the bottom of this beautifully made super light sleeping bag. It would make a gorgeous gift. 


The soft fleece fabric is machine washable at 40 and is quick dry. It has a middle zip so your baby can be slipped in and out of their sleepwear with ease.

Lictin tog 0.5 sleeping bag – 18-36 months

You’re buying a ‘wear one, wash one’ pack which makes these summer tog sleeping bags both convenient and great value. We love the funky animal print and more traditional moon and stars pattern. 


With an adjustable length these bags are perfect for little ones who sleep better when they feel ‘tucked up’. It’s also a great help to have both a bottom zip for fast nappy changes and a middle zip for simple fastening. 

0.5 Tog Summer ‘Grobag’ – 18-36 months

Grobags are the only summer tog baby sleeping bag recommended by ‘The Lullaby Trust’ which should inform parents about their excellent quality and safety. 


You can also buy a 0.5 tog Grobag 6 18 months and 0-6 months sizes. They come in lots of beautiful colours and patterns. The bright snuggly fabric and adjustable fit make this sleeping bag a fab choice that all babies will adore.

Is a 0.5 tog sleeping bag a useful purchase? 

What tog sleeping bag for baby in summer? That’s a tricky question as it depends on the following factors:

  • The weather
  • The average temperature of the room where the cot is situated
  • Sleep clothing

All reputable sleeping bag brands should provide a temperature and tog guide to make it easy for parents to decide which bag to use and what to dress their baby in. 

A U.K Summer

A thin sleeping bag with a 0.5 tog rating is recommended when the temperature in the room reaches over 23 degrees. Higher tog sleeping bags are likely to be too stifling in July and August even during a disappointing British summer. 

Warm rooms

Is your home unusually warm? Eco houses and new builds will hold their heat much better than Victorian terraces and old country cottages. 

Check the average temperature of the nursery over a few days before your baby is born to help you decide whether to buy warm or cool sleeping bags. 


If you’re lucky enough to be planning a sunshine holiday, then ‘Baby sleeping bags 0.5 tog’ should definitely be on your packing list!

Small children enjoy routine and if they are used to sleeping in a bag then, even in a hot country, they will settle better when wearing one. 

A low tog summer sleeping bag will work well in hotel rooms where there is air conditioning but if it’s hot and sticky make sure baby is only wearing a nappy and keep a close eye on them as they adjust to the new, hotter environment. 

What clothing should baby wear underneath a 0.5 tog baby sleeping bag

Prevention of over-heating is vital when it comes to sleep safety and the correct tog of baby summer sleeping bag combined with the most suitable sleepwear will keep your precious bundle healthy, happy and sleepy. 

On cooler summer days a lightweight summer sleepsuit under a 0.5 tog sleeping bag will be fine. But if the temperature rises or the bedroom feels stuffy then seek guidance and consider keeping baby cool in just a nappy. 

You’ll know your baby is too warm when the skin on the back of their neck and chest is hot or sweaty. Don’t check their hands and feet as they will always be cooler. 

Features to look for in a summer sleeping bag


Most brands of baby summer sleeping bag come in 0-6 months, 6-18 months and 18-36 months. Using the right size is important and always check that your baby isn’t able to wiggle down into the bottom of the sleeping bag. 

Adjustable shoulders on a 0.5 to sleeping bag 6-18 months will keep a smaller baby safe and snug and provide older baby with room to wiggle and kick their legs. 

The large age range that each size of sleeping bag covers means that the Grobag 0.5 tog 6-18 months will cover an entire summer and beyond – fantastic value! 


Some summer baby sleepsuits or sleeping bags will have different kinds of fastenings:

  • A middle zip only – a simple and unfussy way to secure your baby in their sleeping bag
  • A middle zip and a bottom zip – perfect for night time nappy changes but check the zip is covered or delicate feet may get irritated by the metal once they get to the end of the age range for the bag. 
  • Two-way zippers – much less faff for tired parents trying to change a nappy at midnight 
  • Adjustable toggles and buttons at the shoulder – great for ensuring a secure fit, but wiggly and older babies may be able to work them loose. 


Your child’s new super light sleeping bag should ideally be made from breathable 100% cotton. You will find sleeping bags in both snuggly fleece and crisp, smooth fabric, the choice is yours. We recommend trying both to discover which your little one prefers. 

Ease of washing 

You NEED a minimum of two sleeping nests that are:

  • Machine washable 
  • Easy to remove when a nappy has exploded
  • Suitable for the tumble dryer 
  • Quick to dry on an airer

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