The Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Ideas

What to buy as baby shower gifts can sometimes be a hard question… Even more so if you are not a parent yourself. But finding the perfect baby shower presents can actually be super easy! There are plenty of amazing baby shower gift ideas online.

As a mum myself, let me tell you about the things that come in handy during the first few months of having a baby.

I’ve gathered my best baby shower gift ideas with all the things I used or I wish I had with me. The range goes from budget-friendly gifts to lavishing baby shower baskets!

Baby Shower Gifts Under £20

Baby Shower Gifts Between £20 and £50

If you’re considering buying a baby bouncer, but this one is not the one, I have an entire guide on what are the best bouncers and swings.

Baby Shower Gifts Over £50

Perfect ideas for a group gift or if you’re a close member of the family.

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Gift Card – An easy solution for every budgets

Still puzzled about what to buy for a baby shower? Why not treat the mum-to-be with a gift card that you will put in a nice envelope along with a personal note from you? Although it seems to be not the most intimate baby shower gift, you’re giving the freedom of choice.

My favourite shops to get a gift cards from are John Lewis and Next, they both have a great choice of various good quality items. Not just useful things for the baby but also very cute deco items.

Did you find your perfect baby gift?

I hope this article helped you find the perfect gift to bring to the baby shower. And whatever you do, please keep away from stuffed animals!

If you have other good present ideas, I want to hear from you! Leave a comment below and share your gifts ideas with us.

Another idea for a baby shower gift is to offer a present for the mum to be. If you want to pamper her and make her feel like a princess we have the perfect gifts for your expecting friend here.

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