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‘Boob Design’ Fast Food’ Sports Bra Best Support Price: ££ Check it out
Bravado Body Silk Seamless Yoga Nursing Bra Price: £ Check it out
Bravado Body Seamless Nursing Bra (other colours) Best colours Price: £ Check it out
Cadenshae Racerback Nursing Bra Price: ££ Check it out
Zest Flexi Wire Nursing Sports Bra Price: ££ Check it out
‘Hot Milk’ Nursing Yoga Bra Price: £ Check it out
La Leche League Sports Nursing Bra Best budget option Price: £ Check it out

As glorious and empowering as motherhood is, having a baby takes a huge toll on a woman’s body. Your incredibly clever and magical self has grown a baby, birthed them and is now feeding it. You are truly amazing! 

Rest, recovery and getting a bamboozled brain around the massive life change should be the priorities over ‘getting back in shape’. However, exercise is a wonderful balm for the soul and mind and a trip to the gym or run may help you feel more like yourself. 

Finding a nursing sports bra that fits well, is supportive and feels comfy is the first step to successfully combining breastfeeding and training. 

A maternity sports bra in your new, no doubt bigger, cup size could work. However, consider a specific breastfeeding sports bra so that it’s easy to pop your babe on the boob as soon as you get home or pick them up from the gym creche. 

The best nursing bra for sport – a shopping guide

It’s a great idea to shop for a bra based on the sports that you’re planning to do. The best maternity bra for CrossFit or running will differ to the best maternity bras for Yoga and Pilates.

Make sure you use measuring and ‘what’s a good fit?’ guides to make sure you buy the sports nursing bra that is perfect for you. 

It’s best to measure for and buy your sports bra once breast feeding has been established. Your breast size and shape may change a lot in the first few weeks after birth. 

She fit bra is one of the leaders in maternity sports bra, unfortunately it’s almost out of stock across the UK. It’s almost impossible to find one due to a ‘supply and demand’ issue. So we’ve selected here the best alternatives to the Shefit bras available in the UK.

‘boob design’ Fast Food’ Sports Bra

The best all rounder for most breast.

Great, supportive option for all gym-based activities. Flexible enough for Yoga and Pilates.

  • Quick and easy drop cup for unrestricted, one-handed feeding. 
  • Breastfeeding is discreet in this clever bra. 
  • It gives boobs a lovely, flattering shape. 
  • Quick dry and moisture absorbing fabric. 
  • Shoulder padding for extra comfort. 
  • Racer back straps give lots of support. 
  • Bigger boobed ladies may need another option for running. 

Bravado Body Silk Seamless Yoga Nursing Bra

The best bra for yoga, Pilates and weight training.

A sport bra which fits like a second skin, it could happily be worn all day. 

7 colours available: charcoal, black, white, ice pink, dusted pink, latte and butterscotch.

  • Seamless and ultra-smooth, so no annoying ‘rubbing’ 
  • Lovely colours and design. It is the opposite of matronly! 
  • Removable foam inserts for shape and discretion
  • Bra Conversion Kit included so you can convert your nursing bra to a ‘regular bra’ once your nursing journey is complete

Cadenshae Racerback Nursing Bra

It’s actually the bra I’m wearing right now.

Very supportive and comfortable it’s an excellent choice weather you just want to hang out in the house or be a bit more active (running, dancing yoga).

You can easily open it and close it with one hand for a quick feed.

  • Very soft material again your skin, ideal for sore nipples
  • Runner back
  • Comes with removable pads for a nice shape
  • Super easy to free a nipple and hook it back up

Zest Flexi Wire Nursing Sports Bra

The best for high impact sports and running 

Clever, supportive and comfortable design. Great for running as there is minimal bounce even for bigger boobs. 

  • Full coverage cup. 
  • Moisture wicking and quick dry material which is fully breathable. 
  • The drop-down clasps are simple and quick for fast, one-handed feeding. 
  • Inner cup support for discretion and keeping the bra in the right place while feeding. 
  • Padded straps for maximum comfort. 
  • Straps can be worn on the shoulders or as a racer back. 

‘Hot Milk’ Nursing Yoga Bra

Another great compression bra for yoga, Pilates and weight training.

Feeding is a joy with a quick and easy drop cup and ‘sling support’ so your baby can snuggle in as they feed.

  • Very soft durable material, you will barely feel it on your skin.
  • Support provided with a double layer of fabric and a strong under rib strap. 
  • Racer back which gives lots of stability. 
  • Lots of adjustability in the straps for flexibility as boob size fluctuates. 
  • Racer back which gives lots of stability. 

La Leche League Sports Nursing Bra

The best low budget but high impact bra.

Most high medium to high impact sports nursing bras are well over £45. This is a fantastic low cost but highly supportive bra. 

  • Simple and quick drop cups for one handed nursing. 
  • Moisture wicking and quick dry fabric. 
  • The material is soft, flexible and breathable. 
  • The under-boob band is super supportive but doesn’t dig in. 
  • Unlike some sports nursing bras the flexible material means you won’t dislocate your shoulder trying to get it off a sweaty body. 

What is a breastfeeding bra and what features to look for?

Hopefully you’ve managed to find some comfy, pretty and supportive nursing bras that have seen you faithfully through your pregnancy. The best nursing bras are designed with ease, access and support as a focus. 

The best breast-feeding bras will have the following features:

  • A clasp on each side to drop the cup so baby can feed without restriction. 
  • Wide supportive straps. 
  • Straps to hold the bra secure while the cup is dropped. 
  • Adjustability in the shoulder straps and back strap to allow for changes in breast size during the breast-feeding journey and as milk supply ebbs and flows. 
  • Soft fabric with some stretch. Preferably a quick drying, moisture wicking cotton in case of leaking. 
  • No wires at all or flexi-wires that won’t dig in. 
  • A pocket or padding in which to tuck a breast pad. 

What size of nursing bra should I buy? 

Once your tiny bundle of love has arrived and breastfeeding has begun most new Mums will find they have much bigger boobs. An increase of two cups sizes is common. 

It’s important to get fitted properly for a supportive nursing bra by a specialist in shops such as John Lewis, Debenhams or Marks & Spencer. 

There are complex factors to consider including both the increase in boob size and shape and the decrease in band size as you lose pregnancy weight. 

For a guide to at home measuring and how a correctly fitting bra should look and feel follow this link.

How is a breast-feeding sports bra different?

Running while breastfeeding is perfectly fine if you’ve fully recovered from the birth and you’re wearing a super supportive maternity bra or nursing bra. 

Buying a specific bra for sports while nursing will make sure your boobs stay bounce and pain free and here’s why:

  • Extra wide straps with lots of hooks and eyes. 
  • A design to prevent bounce. 
  • Padded shoulder straps. 
  • Fabric designed to be supportive, moisture wicking and quick drying. 
  • Full coverage of the breast. 
  • A clasp on each side with which to drop the cup for unrestricted feeding. 

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