The 7 best baby sleeping bags for every temperature

Babies tend to toss and turn a lot (everyone who’s ever co-slept with a baby knows how much). Sleeping bags is a great way to make them feel safe and tightly snuggled, exactly like they were in the womb, guaranteeing you longer nights.

Plus it’s a great way to make sure your little one is warm and well secured at all times while they sleep.

It’s all about finding the best sleeping bag for your baby to be comfortable in. That’s why I prepared a little baby sleeping bag guide to help you pick the right one for you!

Choosing the right baby sleeping bag

A sleeping bag for babies can come in numerous designs, from knitted baby sleeping bags to Disney baby sleeping bags. But choosing the right pattern shouldn’t be your priority.

As with most things for babies, it’s the material that they are made of that is the most important. This is where a tog comes in. A tog is a unit of measurement that calculates the thermal resistance of a product. The higher the tog, the warmer the material will be.

To determine the right sleep bag for your baby, calculate the room temperature your baby will be sleeping in first. Then check out this list of products I made with the baby sleeping bag tog guide to make things easier for you!

Sleep bag for hot Summers
Room temperature: above 24°C

For that kind of temperature you need a very light sleeping bag, maximum 0.5 togs.

Gro baby sleeping bags are some of the most popular ones. They start at 0.5 tog, up to 3.5 tog.

The brand offers different sizes and designs. Each one is made from high quality machine washable material. You just can’t go wrong with it, being probably one of the best baby sleeping bag available.

Sleep bags for Spring & Summer
Room temperature between 20 and 24°C

Another option for a summer baby sleeping bag, a little warmer than 0.5 tog, is a baby sleeping bag 1.0 or 1.5 tog.

Sleep bags for Autumn & Winter
Room temperature between 16 and 20°C

The 2.5 tog baby sleeping bags are obviously warmer than the previous suggestions and are designed for babies sleeping in lower room temperatures (which is said to be healthier). It’s the most popular tog.

Sleep bags for cold Winters
Room temperature between 12 and 15°C

For really cold occasions like needing a baby sleeping bag for camping or just room temperatures around 12-15°, you should opt for a higher tog rating. A 3.5 tog baby sleeping bag with arms or sleeves is definitively the best choice here.

How often do you get up during the night to check if your child is tucked in properly? Way too many times… I know, me too. But the sleeping bag really gave me a piece of mind and surprisingly increase the night of my little one.

Let me know in the comments which one you chose and how you’re getting on with it!

Last note on the subject: once your baby learns how to get out of the cot, you should stop using the bag, also if you plan on using a cot duvet, too. And while we’re on the subject of baby beds – check out the best bedside cribs I’ve researched for you!

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