The hygienic must-haves after giving birth: the best maternity pads & disposable knickers

It’s easy to think of what your baby will need in the first few days of their life: bodysuits, pyjamas, diapers…

But we often forget that we, future mothers, are going to spend a few days at the maternity too.

Of course, it’s important to provide all the necessary toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush etc.), comfortable clothes… But we will also need specific products, related to delivery, including hygienic pads!

Do you really need some special gear for your body after giving birth?

Short answer: hell yes!

Let’s be honest, childbirth is not the end of the work for your body. For several days – usually a week – you’ll get vaginal bleeding. These are the “lochia”, composed of debris of mucosa and clots that were not evacuated during delivery.

These bloody losses are completely normal, every woman has it after delivery. the flow can vary greatly depending on the woman. Some will have bleeding until their first periods following the delivery.

Because of all the changes and the unusual flow you will need some special accessories especially for the first 48 hours. And having the right gear can make it or break it. You’re already really tired and overwhelmed after giving birth, the last thing you want is to feel even more uncomfortable down there or stain your clothes or sheets.

In order to prevent leaks and ensure you a good protection, we selected the best products specially designed for the aftermath of childbirth.

1. Disposable maternity briefs

Small advice, buy a dozen disposable mesh briefs.

Of course, it is not very sexy, but you will be much more comfortable for the days following childbirth. Especially if you’re curvy, if you had a cesarean section, if you have an episiotomy, or a major tear.

They’ll probably have some in your maternity, but they may also be out of stock or in low stock and then they will prioritise women that had a C-section.The others had to fend for themselves. You’d rather not rely on the maternity to provide you with this must-have, bring your own.

Avoid if possible this kind of disposable panties:

They are not elastic enough to adapt to your movements and morphology. And if you had a C-section, the brief elastic will go right on to your scar.

Instead prefer this kind of knickers that are more flexible and comfortable:

2. Maternity pads

In short, maternity sanitary pads are essential for the first days after delivery! Expect to have to use them for the first week after your delivery to handle the postpartum bleeding.

You can use maxi night sanitary towels, but I recommend using maternity pads. They are specifically tailored to the needs of your sensitive intimate parts after delivery, and specifically designed to absorb the greater losses of the early postpartum days.

Note: Hygienic tampons should be avoided for at least 6 weeks after delivery until the cervix is ​​completely closed.

3. Intimate hygiene

If you opt for an intimate soap, I recommend high quality products, such as saforelle or lactacyd femina. It’s more expensive but well worth the price. Your intimate parts are already very sensitive, you don’t want to irritate it products that are too strong or not adapted to your situation.

Otherwise, the best is a savon de marseille or aleppo soap, fragrance free, and composed mainly of vegetable oil.

Tips on how to use it

Leave a bottle or other container that pours well   full of water with your intimate soap near the toilet. This will allow you to easily make a small intimate wash directly above the toilet, after a significant lochia flow.

Then after the first week, I recommend keeping intimate wipes in your bag just to make sure you can refresh yourself on the go.

Tips to avoid vaginal infections:

During the 6 weeks following delivery the cervix is ​​not completely closed. To limit the risk of infection, avoid:

  • Baths (swimming pool, sea, bath)
  • Hygienic tampons
  • Vaginal douches

Now you know which products not to forget in your maternity bag! Don’t hesitate to comment with more recommendation and tips to face the first few weeks after childbirth.

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