The Best Nappy Bins

‘Tommee Tippee’ Sangenic Twist and Click Tec Top Pick Price: £ Check it out
‘Tommee Tippee’ Simplee Sangenic Price: £ Check it out
‘Angelcare’ Nappy Disposal System Price: £ Check it out
‘Korbell’ Nappy Bin Green system Price: £ Check it out
‘Ubbi’ nappy bin Long term value for money Price: £££ Check it out
Nappy Bucket or Nappy Pail Price: £ Check it out

A nappy disposal system may seem like an unnecessary luxury. However, once baby has arrived, you’ll be knee deep in stinky nappies, constantly running to the outside bin and wondering how on earth your delightful angel produces that much poo! 

Nappy bins will save your legs, keep your home smelling fresh and keep a curious toddler away from trouble. 

So, whether you need a disposable nappy bin or simple bucket for environmentally friendly washables this is the guide for you!

Best Nappy Disposal System

Looking for the best nappy bin for your family and home? Based on personal experience and nappy disposal system reviews here’s our suggestions of what could be the perfect baby nappy bin for you. 

‘Tommee Tippee’ Sangenic Twist and Click Tec Nappy Disposal System

My top pick. This Tommee Tippee nappy bin is super simple to empty and clean and keeps the smells away.

Seals each nappy individually

Capacity: Your kit has a super-size tub which holds up to 28 nappies and saves lots of trips to the outside bin. It is still small enough to fit neatly in the corner of the nursery.

  • The bin liner film twists and wraps each nappy individually so the smell and 99% of germs are totally locked in.
Accessories available:

Each ‘Tommee Tippee’ Twist and Click Tec refill holds up to one whole month of dirty nappies. They are great value at approximately £30.99 for six refills! Buy them here.

‘Tommee Tippee’ Simplee Sangenic Disposable Nappy Bin

Simple and great value. It’s a great reusable solution, really simple to use. Lift the lid, shove the nappies in and close. 

Capacity: Holds 18 nappies. 

  • Anti-bacterial and multi-layered bin liner film keeps yukky smells in and kills 99% of germs.
  • Compact and neat so can be hidden in a cupboard. 
  • Use for years as a bathroom bin.
Accessories available:

‘Angelcare’ nappy bin liners come in a 3 pack for £12.99 which is a fab price considering each refill will last for around a month. Buy a set here.

Angelcare Nappy Disposal System

The nappy bin Angelcare is one of the kindest to the environment as each nappy isn’t individually wrapped in plastic. Angelcare nappy bin refills use 5 times less plastic than other nappy bins on the market

The Angelcare is a fantastic option for people who find a ‘twist and lock’ action painful or difficult. 

  • A quick and easy ‘Push and lock’ function means a single-handed push leads to a clamp and the nappy is sealed immediately in the angelcare bin. 
  • The air seal on the Angelcare nappy bin keeps smells and germs locked into the bin so it’s hygienic and pleasant to have in the home. 
  • The bin comes in white, pink and blue to match the décor of your baby’s nursery. 
  • Best environmental solution.
Additional Accessories

‘Angelcare’ nappy bin liners come in a 3 pack for £12.99 which is a fab price considering each refill will last for around a month. Buy a set here.

‘Korbell’ Nappy Bin

An innovative bin with biodegradable liners.

I love the foot pedal mechanism for opening and closing the bin.

Capacity: This nappy bin comes in three sizes depending on the size of your family.. The XL is perfect for parents of multiples or toddlers and babies as it holds an incredible 65 nappies.

  • Offers hands free disposal of dirty nappies. 
  • The nappy liners are multi-layered and anti-bacterial so keep smells and germs sealed in. 
  • If you’re interested in protecting the environment, then you’ll be delighted to know that the film that encloses the nappy is biodegradable.
Additional Accessories

‘Korbell’ nappy bin liners – a 3 pack for £17.99, each liner holds 495 nappies and are scented to contain nasty smells. Buy your refills here.

‘Ubbi’ nappy bin

Nappy bin reviews sing the praises of this clever piece of nursery kit. It comes in funky colours and doesn’t need cartridges or cassettes 

Capacity: It’s a nappy genie that is small and slim enough to tuck into a spare corner of the nursery but can still hold up to 50 nappies.

  • The Ubbi is made from powder coated steel as opposed to odour absorbing plastic and is made airtight with strong rubber seals. 
  • It may be the most expensive bin on the market, but you’ll save money by not having to buy specific liners. The Ubbi works with standard bin liners. 
  • If a bright colour or home design is important to you then you’ll love the 12 colours available. 
  • The child-proof lid is truly innovative. The sliding mechanism is smooth, quick and doesn’t disturb or release the nasty smells inside. 

Nappy Bucket or Nappy Pail

A simple disposal system for reusable and washable nappies.

Capacity: It is 16 litres which is much bigger than lots of other nappy pails. It can hold up to 24 nappies, perfect for washing nappies every couple of days. 

  • Robust plastic with a strong sealing lid. 
  • It can be used for both as a reusable nappy bin for both dry storing and soaking. 
Accessories available

‘Bambino Mio’ mesh bags for nappy pails make the removal and transfer into the washing machine of dirty reusable nappies easy, quick and hygienic. At only £7.50 they are super value and essential. Buy from here.

What extras can you buy for your nappy disposal bin?

Depending on the baby nappy bin or diaper genie you choose there will be ‘extras’ to consider. Check the prices and ease of purchase of the following nappy bin refills before making your decision.

  • Nappy bin bags – a traditional bin bag to fit your nappy bin but with fragrance added.
  • Odour and germ control nappy bin liners – to fit the nappy system you choose but with anti-bacterial properties and fragrance added.
  • Nappy bin cassettes/ Nappy bin cartridges – these will fit into your nappy disposal unit and either seal each individual nappy or act as a multi-layered odour and germ barrier. 

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