The Best Feeding Pillow for Twins

1 ‘Cojin’ Gemelar Nursing and Baby Feeding Pillow (Gemelar is Portuguese for Twins!) Check it out
2 ‘Mamasita’ Deluxe breastfeeding support pillow Check it out
3 ‘Twinki’ Twin-Nursing-Pillow Check it out
4 My Best Friend Deluxe Twins feeding pillow Check it out
5 V – shaped nursing pillow Check it out

Becoming a parent of multiples is wonderful, overwhelming and takes LOTS of patience and organisation. The moments that you spend with your twins while feeding will probably be some of the most peaceful times of your day. 

A feeding pillow is one of the most useful and long-lasting products that you will buy. It will be utilised during pregnancy as a sleep and comfort aid. You’ll find it invaluable for feeds, play times and as a cosy place to gaze at your beautiful babies. 

Our shopping guide to the best twin feeding pillows. 

The Harmony and Twin Z pillows are very popular in the US unfortunately they are not available in the UK. After much testing, recommendations and reading breastfeeding pillow reviews we’ve created a guide to the best support, bottle and breastfeeding pillows for you and your gorgeous twins.

‘Cojin’ Gemelar Nursing and Baby Feeding Pillow (Gemelar is Portuguese for Twins!)

Great for bottle feeding, breastfeeding and chilling with your tiny ones. 

This is the best feeding pillow if you want a firmer cushion. There’s no sagging and it keeps its shape. 

The shape of the cushion and feel of the fabric will put your babies in the perfect position for feeding.

  • The cover is unzippable, beautifully lined and easily machine washable. 
  • The back support is removable for comfort and flexibility. 
  • A fab pillow to protect your back as it helps with posture while feeding.

‘Mamasita’ Deluxe breastfeeding support pillow

An ergonomic design which offers maximum support for both you and the babies. 

This cushion is aesthetically my favorite with it’s cute design in a practical colour. 

It can be used for both bottle feeding, nursing and relaxing with your little ones. 

  • 100% cotton fabric and lining. 
  • Wider and longer than other brands which is fantastic for growing babies. 
  • Minimises neck, back and shoulder stress and pain. 
  • The front and back of this breast-feeding pillow can be easily attached. 
  • Easy to remove and wash the pillow cover.

‘Twinki’ Twin-Nursing-Pillow

You can use this fantastic product for nursing, support, bottle feeding, tummy support, an anti-reflux cushion, sit support for an older baby and a pregnancy pillow for comfy sleeping. 

  • A generous size for flexibility of use from pregnancy to older babies. 
  • Ergonomic design which provides great back support. 
  • The buckle releases the two pieces quickly and easily. 
  • A machine washable cover that is incredibly soft, stretchy and can be removed with ease. 
  • Rustle free fabric so no noises will go into tiny ears to wake them up. 

My Best Friend Deluxe Twins feeding pillow

This luxury product has a supportive inner pillow that ‘pings back’ into shape. 

This breastfeeding cushion can be used for both breast and bottle feeding. 

It is a feeding pillow is fantastic for all shapes and sizes as the back support is adjustable. 

  • The fabric is soft and comes in a practical dark, mottled design that would suit any room. 
  • The wrap around gives lots of support and security so you can concentrate on positioning your babies. 
  • We loved the handy pocket for snacks, toys and a drink. 

V – shaped nursing pillow

A simple, great value feeding cushion.

If you’re worried about allergies this is the best breastfeeding pillow you could buy. 

The size and shape of this item means it is a fantastic twin-nursing-pillow for tiny babies to feed at the same time.

  • Soft microfibre cover that is anti-allergen fabric but feels like down. 
  • One of the most effective feeding pillows for keeping dust mites and other allergens away. 
  • Easy to wash.
  • Robust and wonderful quality. 
  • It’s a long lasting, multi-use product.

What to consider when buying a twin feeding cushion

An excellent twin breastfeeding pillow should have the following qualities: 

It needs to be big enough for two growing babies and for you. A v-shaped pillow with wide ‘sides’ or a W-shaped twin specific cushion are both perfect options. 

Make sure it comes with a removable, washable cover. If it doesn’t, make sure you can buy or make one. Leaking breastmilk, spilt formula, nappy explosions and frequent spit ups will mean your breast feeding cushion will need a ridiculous amount of washing.  

Ensure the fabric is soft, smooth and suitable for delicate baby and boob skin. Brushed 100% cotton would be perfect. 

Think about the level of support you and the babies will need. Breast feeding pillows with anti-sag filling and back support are vital. You need to be comfy so that you can concentrate on enjoying real moments of serenity with your little ones. 

Accessories you might need when feeding twins

Feeding twins is time intensive, especially when they are tiny. We’ve picked out a few useful products that will make you life easier. 

Breast feeding pillow cover

It’s a good idea to buy an extra cover for your pillow. Most products will come with a removable, machine washable cover which is great. However, an extra cover will be a life saver if you need to feed while the cover is washing and drying. 

Gentle washing powder/liquid

‘Bambino Mio’ Mio Care

You and your babies will be spending a lot of time snuggling up together on your new pillow. It’s important that delicate, sensitive skin is protected so purchasing some delicate washing powder is a wise decision. ‘Bambino Mio’ Mio Care detergent is enzyme free, dye free and perfume free. It is bio-degradable, 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free.

Breast feeding cover up

Cheeky Chompers Multimuslin

An organic cotton, breathable cover up for when you’re breastfeeding on your twin pillow. There’s no need to be shy or embarrassed about feeding your babies. It’s a natural and beautiful thing. But if you have guests who may be a little more sensitive then this is a great product. The fabric is super-soft, and it has a cute, neutral design. It can also be used as a blanket, comforter, pram cover, swaddle wrap and teething blanket.

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