1.5 Tog Baby Sleeping Bag Guide

1 Striped Swaddle Sleeping Bag (6-36 months) Price: £ Check it out
2 SwaddleDesigns Sleeping Sack (3-6 months) Price: ££ Check it out
3 Safari Sleeping Bag (0-36 months) Price: £ Check it out
4 Whale Sleeping Bag (0-36 months) Price: £ Check it out
5 Baby Sleeping Bag in Blue or Pink (6-12 months) Best Budget Option Price: £ Check it out
6 aden + anais Snug Fit Sleeping Bag (0-9 months) Price: £££ Check it out

The sleeping bag is the most secure and comfortable way to sleep baby. Indeed blankets, sheets, pillows, soft toys are prohibited in the bed of a baby until 2 years old, as your baby may end up underneath and suffocate.

A sleep bag, besides its practical and functional side, presents the enormous advantage for your child to ensure a constant body temperature throughout the night, ideal so that your little angel does not sweat during his sleep and does not wake up, without risk of suffocation.

There are different types of sleeping bags, different togs and different sizes. While the size is easy to figure out as it is the age of your baby, the tog is less intuitive.

We’re reviewing here the best  1.5 tog sleeping bags, which are perfect for Spring and Summer

The best 1.5 tog sleeping bags for baby

Finding a 1.5 tog sleep bag is actually pretty difficult. They are not easy to find and often out of stock. We’ve found the best ones available to purchase today.

1.5 tog baby sleeping bags offering all sizes till 36 months

Striped Swaddle Sleeping Bag

Simple neutral striped design that comes in light grey, grey, dark blue and red. The lining is 100% cotton with a very soft touch on the outside of the bag.

Safari Sleeping Bag

I love this unisex safari inspired design. It has a zip opening all the way around with popper closures at the shoulders. It’s been woven from a natural blend of organic cotton with linen to allow for breathability.

Whale Sleeping Bag

With a playful whale design over it this baby sleeping bag is a sweet choice for little ones, complete with nickel-free popper fastenings for easy dressing. It’s been woven from a natural blend of organic cotton with linen to allow for breathability.

Unisex Safari Sleeping Bag

Neutral but ultra cute 1.5 tog sleeping bag. You can purchase it on Matalan website. They have a variety of sizes from newborn to 18 months.

Duck Sleeping Bag

Crafted from a soft organic cotton blend, it’s a comfy choice of baby sleeping bag. Popper fastenings help get little ones all wrapped up with ease, while the adorable duck detailing on the front and spotted pattern adds a sweet touch.

Winnie the Pooh & Friends™ Sleeping Bag

Decorated with a beautiful pastel print, this pure cotton sleeping bag is wonderfully soft and kind to skin. Finished with convenient popper fastenings.

1.5 tog sleep bags from 6 to 12 months

SwaddleDesigns Sleeping Sack

This velvet sleeping sack is the softest of all our options. Despite being in Velvet it’s still very light with its 1.5 tog. Finally i’s worth mentioning it features a convenient two-way zipper.

1.5 tog baby sleep bags from 0 to 6 months

Aden + Anais Snug Fit Sleeping Bag

High quality sleeping bag that will adapt perfectly to the size of your baby. They even offer the size 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6 to 9 months. It comes in 3 colours: mint pink and grey

Multicoloured Elmer Sleep Bag

Featuring the much-loved Elmer the elephant on the front of the bag, embroidered lettering and popper and zip fastenings for easy accessibility. It’s an original design, up to you if you like it or not.

When to use: 1.5 tog baby sleeping bag temperature guide

1.5 togs is on the light sse in terms of thickness. It is ideal for warm spring days and summer days.

The recommended room temperature to use a 1.5 tog sleeping bag is between 20 and 24°C

What to wear under a 1.5 tog sleeping bag

What to wear under a sleeping bag is a recurring question. It all depends on the temperature of the room.

Since this 1.5 tog sleeping bags are for warm days, the best is to have our baby wearing a body inside the 1.5 tog sleeping bag. If your room is colder pajamas with sleeves are advised.

I hope this article helped you find the perfect 1.5 tog sleep bag for your baby. If you’re looking for more information about different togs headover our ultimate baby sleeping bag guide.

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